Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM10,000
Funding RequiredRM1million
DescriptionThank you for taking the time for this Pitch Deck.

We planned to create the biggest night market in Malaysia to have an opportunity for all the youngster entrepreneurs to startup their retail business and earning experience in the night market, our intention is to create a beautiful environment for youngster entrepreneurs to exert their creativity and keep their passion. 

In the night market we have to do our best to create a shopping experience full of surprises, freshness, curiosity and comfort for the people and tourists of whole Malaysia.
Business OpportunityShopping Mall Managements
– Hard to Manage Tenant Decoration, Renovation & Display
– Selling Price Control
– Services Control
– High Advertisement Cost
– Unable to Offer Affordable Rental Rate

Pasar Malam operators
– Unpleasant Environment 
– No Product Quality control
– No Parking 
– No Security
– Difficulty of Setup & Dismantle 
– No Utilities Supply 
– No Facilities
– Lack of Social Media Exposure

Young Entrepreneurs 
– Unaffordable rental (Shopping Mall / Shop Lot / Local Pasar Malam) 
– Unaffordable Renovation, Decoration & Display Cost
– Feeling Embarrassed Due Environment Considered as Low-class Shop / Products
– No Guarantee Foot Steps
– Unaffordable Manpower Cost

– Less selection / too many repeat products
– No Parking 
– No Security
– Product Quality Worries 
– Unpleasant Environment 
– No Basic Facilities 
– Unpleasant Shopping experience
Revenue / Business ModelBusiness Model:

Retail Spaces (330 units)
– RM50.00 X 3days / week = RM150.00 X 4weeks / Month 
Total = RM600.00 per Retail Space
330 units X RM600.00 Grand Total = RM198,000.00 per Month

F&M Spaces (170 units)
– RM50.00 X 3days / week = RM150.00 X 4weeks / Month 
Total = RM600.00 per F&B Space
170 units X RM600.00 Grand Total = RM102,000.00 per Month

Café Bar (4 units)
4 units X RM5,000.00 Grand Total = RM20,000.00 per Month

Gross Income 
= RM320,000.00 / Month
Management TeamJason Tai (Founder – Overall Operations, Marketing and Developers)
Age – 30 year old (31 /08/1989)
Experience – Shopping Mall Management (6 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Darius Yap (Co-founder – Operations and Marketing & Developers)
Age – 25 year old (10 /01/1994)
Experience – Shopping Mall Management (3 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Zhen Hao (Co-founder – Technical Leader, Maintenance Supervisor)
Age – 25 year old (04 /07/1994)
Experience – Shopping Mall Maintenance (3 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Chester Chow (Co-founder – P.R. Manager)
Age – 32 year old (17 /07/1987)
Experience – Restaurant Operator (9 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years)
Company BackgroundJCHESTER RESOURCES, a global event marketing company who creates globally effective, socially responsible design solutions that are timeless, effective and unique, using a balance of strategy, aesthetic and heart. JCHESTER RESOURCES offer solutions including corporate event management, product launching, and branding. We turn concept into reality. With over a decade of experience our event knowledge and technical expertise are exceeded only by our passion for perfection. We bring unparalleled originality, ingenuity, talent and vision to each project, treating each as a pioneering enterprise.
Funding MilestoneMe and my team are looking for RM1 million for the whole project. 

For the first stage we will spend RM500,000.00 for application for the planned government land – develop – and launch.

We will allocate another RM300,000.00 for a top up for the first stage to in case any unsure cost and improvement of the facilities in the night market.

The last stage RM200,000.00 is the turn over money for the 6 months operation cost and cash flow.
% Equity Allocation25%
Expected ROI110% (RM2.1Mil) for 2 years investment
Risks and MitigationSlow approval from government land application & low occupation.
Exit StrategiesThe first exit opportunity on after first stage completion.
Company NameJchester Resources
Business AddressB-5-8, Megan Phoenix , Jalan 2/142A, Km 10 off Jalan cheras 56000 cheras KL
Contact PersonJason Tai
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