Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description In the current auto market, buying and selling has been much easier compare to the past decade where the existence of CarList, Mudah and several online platform to help buy, sell and trade car, but when it comes to selling, people often thought about and second hand car dealer which both is time consuming where seller have to survey all around the city for different car dealer who offer different price or waiting online for a long period of time till a potential buyer reach out. Another hand, car dealer needed car inventory to keep their business running and it has been a problem for dealer to buy inventory all the time. 

In this case, we could have make a much easier and faster solution with a new system where consumer will be able to sell their car within 30 minutes and helping car dealer to buy their inventory easily. Technically, it is a platform that allow consumer to make an appointment online and come for a free inspection in our check point and we’ll offer a fair price to buy their car within a short period of time FOR FREE and walk out with money. Here comes the question, doesn’t it require a lot of money? No we don’t. We’ll have another platform that running at same time that has all the car dealers in KL included and once a car have arrive and we will put the picture and condition of the car up to the platform for the car dealers to bid and inspect, once the car dealer has confirmed the budget then we will offer the price to consumer and once it’s transfer, we will transfer at the same time while taking a cut from the car dealer. ( which similar to runner who help car dealer to look for cars and take commission in between deal ) This will be a totally independent platform where we only focus on BUYING CARS FROM SELLER and SELLING TO DEALER. Especially it is all free for seller who want to sell their car, therefore it would be attractive to people and once it has come to a mature point where people in Malaysia mention about car selling, it will not be mudah or car dealer anymore, but our platform. This idea will totally change they way people sell their car in the near future and it would be one of the greatest car buying platform in the future.
Business Opportunity As I mentioned above, we solve the problem for both seller and buyer ( known as dealer ) by creating a platform for easier and faster car selling experience, where seller will be able to sell his car and receive money on the spot in lesser few hours time.

We’re looking at the entire auto world industry. The whole auto world’s buying, selling and trading activity, average local market involve in over 50,000 buying, selling and trading of cars each month. Therefore our aim is to get in hand with every single auto deal in auto market.

Simple math : If only 2% of local auto goes through our platform at the beginning of the time. It would be 1,000 cars.
For example : If we take a RM1,000 cut off every car that went through our platform, it’d be 1,000,000 ( ONE MILLION) in total sale revenue.

Revenue / Business Model We make money by taking a cut from car dealer for every successful deal and an admission fees for every service we provide to our customer.
Management Team This entire platform service will be powered by CHY AutoWorld / Yap Brothers. As known as one of the most experienced and biggest car dealer in town. We will be replying on some of their system to improve efficiency in this middle man platform which is a definitely benefit to our business due to their experience in the auto industry and familiar work with auto buy, sell and trade.
Company Background This idea came up about 3 months ago back in October of 2016.

This is only starting phase where we already have our teams ready but an investment fund.

For this business, we will require a space for customer to bring in their vehicle and store the vehicles that our dealers bought from while waiting them to collect it. With this, we might think that it requires a huge space and high cost in renting, but no. I’ve came up with an idea of using the underground carpark of CHY AutoWorld which is pretty empty and free for access, so we can store as many cars as possible in the underground carpark. Meanwhile we need an office upstairs and just a couple parking space for customer to park their cars while we inspect and make an offer for them.

all price quotation are listed up to maximum possibilities, as we always expect the worst case and normal case instead of maximum capital.


Office renovation : 30k
Monthly Rental : 10k
Monthly Salary : 8k
Monthly Marketing : 20k

Monthly Sale %

Minimum : 1% x 50,000 ( average of monthly local auto activity ) = 500 auto deals x RM1,000
Sale Revenue : RM500,000

Medium : 5% x 50,000 ( average of monthly local auto activity ) =2,500 auto deals x RM1,000
Sale Revenue : RM2,500,000

Monthly Cost : 40k + 38k = 78k
Annual Cost : 40k + ( 38k x 12 ) = 496k

Minimum Monthly Total Profit : RM500,000 – RM78,000 = RM422,000 NET PROFIT
Maximum Monthly Total Profit : RM2,500,000 – RM 78,000 = 2,322,000 NET PROFIT

Minimum Annual Total Profit : RM6,000,000 – RM78,000 = RM5,922,000 NET PROFIT
Maximum Annual Total Profit : RM30,000,000 – RM496,000 = RM29,504,000 NET PROFIT

Funding Milestone RM600,000 would be the total amount of funding required and with this amount investor will be able to expect a constant growth of our business due to the budget of pushing media marketing by spreading brand awareness. As we believe with the high amount of budget we aim to invest in media marketing will bring us a huge customer base and better brand awareness in the market.

First of all we are expecting about RM300,000 ( 50% ) for the production of app, website development, renovation and rental down payment.
Once the business is ready to go, we will be expecting another 50% for the company on its sustain and constant growth need.

% Equity Allocation Total amount of RM600,000 will be receiving 40% of our company share. RM150,000 for 10%.
Expected ROI Funders will be receiving over 3.9x the total amount invested in the business in a year. Minimum Annual Profit : RM5,922,000 x 40% = RM2,368,800
Company Name
Business Address
Contact Person Edmund Yaw
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