The I Can Read System!

The I Can Read System!

Reading is the Key to a Prosperous Future

Provide an environment that is client-centered and outcomes-based. All programs are created by educational psychologists and involve intense interaction between teacher and student according to individual requirements and through understanding rather than rote learning.

What does being illiterate really mean?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) claims there are 900 million people in the world who are illiterate. This number cobers about 25% of the world’s population. This means that nearly a quarter of people aged 16 to 65 are functionally illiterate.

Literacy is the ability to communicate by either reading or writing. To be literate means to be able to understand, interpret, analyse, and respond to different types of information. This can be information that is written, visual or oral. so, to be illiterate means not being able to read or write but also being able to interact with and understand different texts.

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Who does it affect?

World illiteracy affects a lot of people. For example, a survey conducted in 2000 exposed about 45% of Australians with poor literacy skills. This means the affected people struggle with reading a parking ticket or TV guide. Illiteracy levels within English speaking countries are quite high for concentrated groups.


The I CAN READ® system, incorporating the reading program, has been developed over several years by registered psychologists and came about through research conducted between 1995 and 2000 by Antony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant. It is structured, cumulative and hierarchical, and is the first system in the world to direct students how to link clusters of letters to single sounds in a unique manner.
The I CAN READ reading program enables the student to seehow letters combine to create invariant sounds, empowers the student to take control of his or her own reading progress and is fun and easy for children and adults. I CAN READ created the approach to reading which teaches students to analyse single sounds (phonemes) and more importantly theorised the neural linkages between the left inferior frontal gyrus and the left parieo-temporal area which subsequent research has shown enables beginning readers to phonologically link sounds and letter(s) and to assemble the sequence of sound-letter correspondences. Recent evidence using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) supports the I CAN READ approach.

I CAN READ teaches three essential skills that the beginning reader must have:

Phonemic awareness
Blending sequences of phono-graphemes

The I CAN READ reading program overcomes the difficulties that beginning readers face when they learn to read and have to combine letters into blended sounds. The I CAN READ system overcomes the problem of knowing how to pronounce a grapheme when so many letters and clusters of letters can be associated with more than one sound. Commencing with simple, invariant graphemes, the student progresses to more difficult graphemes, building upon his or her successes on the way.


I CAN READ is proven effective because of its hierarchical approach to learned skills. The reading program has been developed over six years of research with children affected by dyslexia, ADD and developmental delay. Piloted in Australia in 1999 with over 400 children and then in Singapore in 2000 by the Ministry of Education, it has proven effective with children suffering from learning difficulties including reading difficulties, dyspraxia and dyslexia. It is ideal for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. It is also the ideal system for pre-school and primary children who need to learn to read and for children who, for various reasons, have fallen behind their chronological age in their reading age. It is equally effective with children and adults who have English as a second language.

I CAN READ is not simply a reading program for students with reading difficulties. It is a total literacy system, which is open to all ages and all abilities, to all children and adults wishing to acquire and improve English literacy skills.

I CAN READ is unique because it offers: Business Opportunity

Specialised literacy programs
Pre-test / post-test outcomes-based environment
Quality pre-reading foundation program
Qualified and trained teachers
Effective reading instruction program
Language rich environment
Strong use of expressive (spoken) English
Well designed and efficient operations system
Systematic procedures that are evidence based
Franchising opportunities exist for suitable investors who demonstrate a commitment to literacy development and who know how to run a business. The licensing company reserves the right to approve all applicants. All applicants will complete due diligence to determine a compatibility between the licensing company and the investor.