The King Website

The King Website

INVESTMENT : Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 250,000.00
Expected Revenue: Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 4,156,250.00
Net Profit after tax: Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 3,075,625.00 Code: King Website
Executive summary

IKing of Websitentroduction
Our project’s title is – ISC ‘The King’ Website Awards 2010, an internet based award program planned for every-Two (2)-years once. This is first online based Mega-Blockbuster event on the internet history. There is NO other such program on the internet yet.

The Website owners/webmaster will be nominating their websites to compete for the title ‘The King’ Website, which without any doubt the highest and the most valuable recognition for websites. Internet surfers from around the world will be voting for their favourite websites. Therefore winning website will be the result of 100% web-based voting.
The Project
To market this opportunity on a very big scale to woo website owners/webmasters to participate in this award program. The marketing and promotion should be started LATEST by September 2009. It is better to do it as soon as possible.

Each website that will be nominated to enter this program will have to pay a standard amount of entry fee. This is where we as an organiser and investor will make a profit. Standard entry fees are USD 179(specified category) and USD 299(Main category). Altogether there are 182 categories available for website owners to choose from.

The Market – (it is an open sea)
Our Targeting market is website owner and webmasters. About 231, 510, 169 websites are active and available on the internet for month of April 2009 that is an increase of 6 million websites in just ONE Month According to the survey conducted by NETCRAFT.

Our Maximum target is only 0.1% from the total number of websites available on the internet to participate in this award program. Achieving 0.05% is more than enough to make this project a huge success in terms of return on investment for our respected investor. The best thing is that there is competition whatsoever. No one is doing what we are about to do.
The Viability
The current mentality of the people around the world is that they believe that the online based business is the most profitable and the far less risks, a fact which you might have heard. There is millions of website created each month and marketed on the internet.

Competition is very-very high on the internet. Almost all websites on the internet heavily relying on their marketing campaign for successful venture on the internet. The funny thing is that there is hundreds of website selling the same item but promote it in a different method.

One thing is very definite – There is NO guarantee that all new idea will be successful. But this project is created with at least 3-years of research and development. The highlight of this business model is that we do not have to take risk in producing or sell any products thus reducing the capital investment by 70%. Internet phenomenon GOOGLE is the most successful, why? Because 99% of their profit is through selling advertisement space, that’s all.

Awards are basically another form of gaining market recognition. In internet the award will be much more valuable for the website owners as it will boost their business visibility and credibility which is directly connected to their business success. In internet, when a website wins ‘The King’ Website Award, the impact will be enormous, because it is highly commercial based.

The Proposal
The success of this project is now 99% rely on the marketing and promotional execution. So there is need of an investment of RM 250,000 to enhance our website and to promote this opportunity to the webmasters/website owners in various ways on a very high scale.