The Rose & Ally Bakery

The Rose & Ally Bakery

Executive Summary

The Rose & Ally Bakery specializes in pastries like Danish, croissant and European crusty bread. We will cater to all walks of life from diet seekers to vegans, housewives to office workers. We are planning to open the 1st outlet in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

The Products

The Rose & Ally Bakery offers a wide range of exciting products. The first group is fine breads, muffins, and pastries. Only quality ingredients are used to assure quality products. We cater for everyone and you can get sugarless products for the diabetic. Egg less products for the vegans. Good healthy wholesome meal for those on diet. Some of the products that we bake freshly everyday are pastries, bread, muffin, pie, tarts, cookies, sandwiches, scones and cakes for all occasion. To make this bakery successful, we are baking some signature products that can only be bought and enjoyed at Rose & Ally.


Rose & Ally focuses on three distinct customer segments. The first group is the special diet group. It’s for those on diet, diabetic and with allergies. The second is those on budget like students and office workers. We sell good food at a reasonable price. The third is family, expats and housewife. A place for the whole family to hang out, enjoy good food and spent quality time together. We even cater birthday parties and other functions!

Management Team

Recognizing the importance of human capital, Rose & Ally has assembled a strong management team. The team is led by Shubahs.Shubahs comes to Rose & Ally with 18 years of baking experience. In addition to his industry specific experience, Shubahs has had 8 years of management experience. Moch Toery joins the team as the Bakery Manager with a 14 years experience. Chang Weng Kiat joins the team as the senior baker with a 10 years experience in both the bakery and Cold Kitchen. Lastly, Ifa will be on the team as the Bakery supervisor with over five years of experience as a Barista and café supervisor. In addition we will employ some part-timers as well.

Rose & Ally is an exciting opportunity. What set us a part from other bakeries are our fine sandwiches, French pastries, fantastic cheesecakes and a 5-star service. Profitability is forecasted to occur by month three. Profits of RM175, 675 and RM212, 134 will be generated in years two and four respectively. Through a combination of a strong management team, a solid business model, and exciting, market demanded products will allow Rose & Ally to quickly gain market penetration and cash richness.

Contact Information

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The Rose & Ally Bakery