The Star Accelerator Fund is a programme established by Star Publications (M) Bhd that comprises a RM20 million purse. The fund aims to engage individuals and companies in the technology based sector to assist in the development of ideas and the commercialisation of products.

Our Objective:
Through The Star Accelerator Fund, we aim to: ​
Create a platform that provides innovative business development opportunities for Entrepreneurial Technology based companies in Malaysia & Assist in commercialising technologically based ideas to establish Malaysia as a serious international contender in this field.

Our Vision:
To be an innovative “game changer” in the field of development funding, enabling and supporting Malaysian technology entrepreneurs in their journey to success.

Our Mission:

To identify, assist and engage with entrepreneurs and businesses in the Technology sector to build sustainable and successful companies that support the Malaysian Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) growth initiatives.

The Star Accelerator Fund is not just another grant system. We aim to partner you on your road to success. We have the ability to leverage our internal media resources to your advantage. Our partnership does not, however, end there. We will use our network of relationships to build a team of experts around you and your business to ensure that you have access to the requisite expertise to assist you in your journey.

Our Products

The Fund comprises two types of funding mechanisms: Pre-Seed and Seed financing. In both instances, the Fund seeks to provide financial support to the recipients in exchange for an equity stake in the business. We see this opportunity as a long term commitment to establish and grow the businesses that we are involved in. It is our aim to leverage our media expertise, as well as that of our business partners, for the benefit of our successful applicants.

Pre-Seed Fund

​The Pre-Seed Fund is targeted at applicants with innovative technology-based ideas. The objective of this fund is to help applicants transform their ideas into commercially viable business enterprises. Applicants have access to funds of up to a maximum of RM300,000. Under this programme, the recipient is required to complete the development of the prototype or proof-of-concept within a 12-month period.

Seed Fund

The Seed Fund is targeted at applicants with innovative technology-based products or services that are ready for commercialisation. Applicants have access to funds of up to a maximum of RM1 million. The recipients of the funds are required to complete the process of readying their products and/or services for market entry within a 12-month period. These processes cover production, distribution, marketing, sales, and customer support that are required to achieve commercial success.


  • Founder must be a Malaysian
  • Aged 21 years and above
  • For the Pre-Seed Fund, a company must be formed with minimum issued and paid up capital of RM2000
  • For the Seed Fund, the applicant must be a registered company with an issued paid up capital of RM10000


  • Wireless technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Multimedia
  • Software (business or game)
  • Web-based businesses
  • Telecommunication
  • Network-related systems or devices
  • Data storage
  • Security


  • Automation
  • Medical products
  • Bio-technology
  • Life sciences
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative fuels
  • Advanced materials
  • Semi-conductors
  • Components (batteries or IO technology)
  • Robotics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Optic and laser technology

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