Business Overview

The company is a sole-proprietorship formed in 2010 and located in Malaysia. Its’ primary focus is the design and manufacture of thermal imaging based platforms for thermal industries. The company aims to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced technology hardware and software within the Original End Manufacturer (OEM) thermal imaging industry.

The thermal imaging platforms designed are used in the manufacture of thermal imaging cameras. The platform acts as the main core of the camera. The company has developed a base platform design that has been designed for the thermal imaging industry.

Unique Features of TME’s Base Platform

TME’s base platform is small in size and has the flexibility to integrate into many existing systems. It also does not require the usual restrictive end user licensing (the end user has to apply independently for licensing from the US government) as practiced by other thermal imaging platforms. Its one-platform-system also carves a unique niche for merging into all other applications within the myriad electronic world. Thus, there is a great potential for lucrative commercial exploration into ancillary markets.

Target Market

The base platform is designed for the Thermal Imaging Industry. TME will target their product towards the two major segments of this industry, which are:

a) Commercial Vision Systems e.g. Surveillance, Security, Fire Fighting
b) Government Systems e.g. Ground Based, Airborne

Product Positioning

Generally the base platform will be positioned as among the advanced Thermal Imaging Platforms in the market. TME has also identified the needs associated with each segment of the market and will position its base platform with a competitive edge in each segment:

a) Commercial vision Systems:- Emphasis will be placed on its smaller size and flexibility
b) Government Systems :- Emphasis will be placed more on its quality as a one platform system and its non-requirement of end-user licensing

Marketing strategy highlights

TME aims to better position itself within the thermal market by capitalizing on its non-requirement of end-user licensing. This will enable TME to venture into the previously restricted thermal imaging markets of Asia and Middle East and penetrate these lucrative market leaders there.

Production strategy highlights

TME aims to better position itself within the thermal market by capitalizing on the high quality of fabrication and assembly by outsourcing the production of the key components. TME would proceed to do the final assembly of the key components and testing within its own premises. This would enable production ability to increase to suit the market demands without a high capital outlay.

Organizational and Management strategy highlights

Over the next period, TME will employ 2 full time engineers and office support staff. The company will concentrate on developing overall policies and procedures in all areas. A training needs analysis will be conducted.

Financial Requirement

TME is requesting seed funding of RM1 mil to move its design from a laboratory prototype to production prototype and establish a production run.

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