Tigris Capital

Tigris Capital

Tigris Capital was established in 2003 as a Singapore private limited company by William Klippgen, one of the co-founders of Kelkoo.com, to do early-stage technology investments with a focus on South Asia.
It’s time for new ideas

Our “It’s time for new ideas” has a double meaning. We think innovation never stops.Which meansthe next big thing online is about to happen. And Asia is still a fertile ground for new services to the high number of new fixed and mobile internet users joining each month. So, it’s time for new ideas.

But, innovation takes patience and often time to develop into commercially viable products and services. Tigris Capital is not a traditional fund with limited partners eager to see a return after a certain number of years. Instead, we are patient. We provide “time for new ideas” to blossom.

We are best at what we know

We excel in software and services for consumers and our founder has worked with internet services since 1995. But our network of advisers span across industries and we sometimes venture into other investments that touch upon our core experience. See our portfolio.

We don’t adhere to a predetermined investment cycle

While most venture firms have to exit their investments after a given number of years, we are free to adjust our expectations to each of our portfolio companies. We sometimes co-invest with other investors and even prefer doing so in many cases.

Our investment focus

Our investment targets tend to:

  • Have a core online component directed towards consumers
  • Be scalable
  • Be in the seed or early stage of the company life-cycle
  • Be run by people who want to be global leaders in their field
  • Be based in Asia but with global ambitions
  • Own intellectual property in their core technology area