To increase passive income for the poor, jobless, and etc by supplying poultries

To increase passive income for the poor, jobless, and etc by supplying poultries

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Previously, I had managed a start up company with several of the mates, and we had turn around the company to RM2.5million per annum .
As of today, I plan to seek investment or smalll fundings to increase income of other jobless, uneducated people by a new concept of supplying poultries.
This concept, has almost zero cost marketing at start, as we will train new recruits on solutions and benefits to sell poultries to F&B, mini markets and etc. We have the solutions to control loss and good logistic distributions.
We will gain financial position from the strategy mention above and expanding by getting contracts from government agencies and corporations.
By this method, we will have our own market share by supplying cities to cities slowly .
Business Opportunity Living in todays uncertain economic condition, food is a necessity for the public and mostly any food product will have to trade in CASH.
The opportunity comes when the recruitments of our poultry agents have vast networks in F&B and mini market . The relationship between a poultry consultant makes our system easier, higher rate of closure and most importantly is most SME will have topay their suppliers in CASH.
Projected supplying of poultries to 50 companies per day will give our revenues of at least more than RM200,000 per month depending on the kilos and tonnes per day.

Cash will make our company gain financial strength to invest into a diversified portfolios which will be discussed by the board.

Revenue / Business Model The margins in the poultry business is relatively as low as 15%. However the solutions is to have a less administration cost, higher efficiency of distribution and a good system.

Based on our theoretical study, an excellent poultry consultant can earn at least 5 figures by the end of the year and the higher they earn, the higher the company will make revenues (assuming each kilos RM0.05-0.10) . When the company has earn a gross of RM1/kg , consultant will receive at least 5-10% of the gross margin of its own client every month. We have taken into account that the average of food & beverage will at least makes an order of 20kg per day which makes a total of 600kg per month. Therefore the consultant will receive a payment of RM60 per month consecutively for 5 years provided that the f&b has prompt their payment successfully. Assuming the consultant can acquire 10 shops per month, by the 11th month, the consultant can have an income at least RM6,000.00 . Hence this is only for 1 consultant which could make us good profits in a very short time which is RM45,000 in revenue and RM5400 gross profit for the company. Given that we have 10 poultry consultant achieving 3 different shops in a month, our revenues will reach the boards targeted income in such a short time.

Management Team Shariff Khairi Bin Munir

I had a Degree in Marketing and have an entrepreneurial spirit to success !
I have previously managed a start up and have reach a total revenues of RM2.5 million per year. As to date, I had resigned giving
the companies in good hands and would like to find a better team, and investors to make more profits and acquire some market share in the poultry industry.

Company Background NO. 2 USJ 21/4
Funding Milestone We proposed to use the fund for the company’s travelling expenses, training program, system , lorries , rentals , and etc.
% Equity Allocation 30
Expected ROI 8
Risks and Mitigation 1. F&B company could not pay our bills (bad debts that can control)
2. Rotten poultries which likely to happen as we only deal with stable and reliable suppliers
3. Paying high commissions to Consultants(controllable)
Exit Strategies There are many ideas and opportunities for the investors to exit this program as profits and revenues rises,
it is workable to sell their shares to the operations department , or even sell it to corporations or government bodies.
Government agencies are interested in a performing company which has a record of at least 3 years where it can benefit them.
Company Name Naura Consultant Services
Business Address No.2 Jalan SS15/2b
Contact Person Mr. Khairi