Project Cost: RM350,000

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM250,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as consultant
others (Board)

Industry: informatics / multimedia

Company Current Status: Concept / Business Plan


Company History:

Samuel Woon Lip Fuey – Sales and Marketing, Public Speaking, Planning.
Siew Woon Peng – Developing Web Application, Solution Project, Social Network App Backend.
Lazarus Liew – 10 Years Programming, Project Planning, Development and Management.
Vickie Yong – Event Management, Marketing Campaign, Advertising and Branding Strategy.
Webster Low – Developing Web Front End and Online Marketing.

Product / Service Description:

The core activity of Tokie is to digitalize physical redemption cards into an Apps and develop Centralized Redemption System.

Business Opportunity:

Tokie solves 2 major problem – Bulky Wallet (too many cards in the wallet) and enhance the card value to anywhere, anytime (centralized redemption system).

Revenue Model:

Featuring, Advertising, Market survey service, Marketing campaign, merchants subscription.

Management Team:

There are 5 of us ( Marketer, Programmer, 1 Strategy Developer, Branding and Advertising Developer, Online Marketer, and outsource freelance programmer )
Each of us had our own proficient on our role, and clear of the picture and the objective and goal.

Current Status:

Currently we are at the status of business concept, proposal, prototype, operation system, objective and marketing channels.
Our prospected revenue will be projected base on our customer database.

Funding Milestone:

We request around RM350,000 for first year development, our milestone to achieve at the end of the year will be:
1. Major of universities in Klang Valley will use Tokie after they notice Tokie through we launch campaign in their campuses.
2. More 100 merchants surrounding universities will apply Tokie system in their system.
3. Targeted more than RM1mil to get VC funder to invest in Tokie.

Business Valuation:

Equity to share with seed funder – 20%
Equity to own by Tokie’s Core Management Team – 25%
The rest of 55% will be allocated to
Equity to raise fund from VC Funders accordingly – 35%
Equity for listing in future – 12%
Equity to share with management team and permanent employee – 8%

Expected Return On Investment:

We make money through featuring, advertising, market survey service, marketing campaigns, merchants subscription.
We expect the ROI for investor will be 10 times after the investment amount within 5 – 7 years.
The value of multiple data (customer data, consumer spending data, merchants business activity data) expected 30 times over the investment amount.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Not enough fund to run marketing, advertisement, and promotion to keep more users acknowledge Tokie and use Tokie, thus marketing and advertising cost is our concern to avoid operating risk.
To get more fund, we will seek for more VC to invest in Tokie after starting up and run the business. The fund from other VC will be applied more on marketing and advertising.
Takes time to gather merchants to join Tokie and merchants may find uncertainty to apply Tokie in their system.
User may need time to acknowledge and adapt to spend with Tokie

Exit Strategies:

Tokie is also a data business, through the transaction of Tokie among the merchants/retails and users, we able to generate multiple data such as customer data, merchants business activities and promotion flow data, consumer spending behavior data, market survey sources. These data are valuable for Tokie.
The business concept, operating system and data are valuable for the whole company


Samuel Woon
Company Name: Tokie
Postal Address : 34-5-4, Jalan 4/140,, Taman Naga Emas,
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 57100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 017-8796750
Mobile: 017-8796750

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