Project Title Get trendy with TONE DOWN, new clothing brand in Malaysia !
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description TONE DOWN is a new clothing brand that sells casual typo tee. Every designs are based on the latest trend on casual / streetwear in Malaysia.

Everything regarding this brand is done by ONLY 2 young and ambitious designers who wanted to build a start up business in clothing/fashion industry. Our main purpose on this start up journey is to lead a casual / street wear trend in our own country-Malaysia. The concept of our brand (低調 – which means “low profile”) brings the message “what for telling others that you’re trendy, when you’re already are? “, which relates to our tagline – Trendy tells no trend. At the same time, we will be creating a #tonedowntrend soon, which will be creatively interesting! Stay updated with us if you’re interested 🙂

To be honest, we have no experiences in building a start up, but we have experiences working with entrepreneurs, tasted success and a company’s downfall, and we don’t just ignore it, we learnt from it. What should be done? What shouldn’t? What we learnt the most in start up business is to have an organised and strategic planning and that’s where and how we planned to create a startup business.

We both graduated as graphic designers, but our capabilities are what make us different. We can do much more other than designing, that’s why we both can handle a small startup with only 2 persons on hand. Our best strength is concept/idea planning and creative designs.

So, we really hope that there will be investors who are interested to join us on our new brand, we are fast learners and willing to absorb anything and possibly to have a mentor to guide us as well! We could also share our experiences and knowledge regarding the design industries too 🙂

*Contact us if you’re interested, we’re super friendly!*

Business Opportunity Due to our budget since there’s only two of us who run this small start up, we only focused our sales on Facebook. There are minor issues faced by us because we are still new, just that we have lose many opportunities to grow our brand’s popularity due to our small amount of budget.

Our beginning stage, we will target our market in Malaysia. Then, when we grew our brand popularity, we will target Singapore and Taiwan.

Revenue / Business Model Here’s a brief proposal on how we profit on sales:

We will not just focus on our own products selling, but also providing design services on clothing, events or advertisements as well.

Besides, we’re having further plannings on building our brand through E-commerce by creating an online shopping platform that sells our products. Our website will also be a platform that advertises and provide opportunities for designers to build their clothing brand charging interests/monthly fees.

Management Team TONE DOWN is still very new so there’s only two of us, but what’s interesting is that we both can actually handle the workload because we cooperate very well.
What we do :
– Design
– Marketing
– Budgeting
– Proposal writing (copywriting)
– Concept planning
– LogisticsWhat we need if we have invesment :
– Web coder / App designer (for e-commerce)
– Experienced digital marketer/customer service
Company Background TONE DOWN’s official launch is on 13th JUNE 2016, which is quite recent.

We received a small amount of orders after TONE DOWN’s official launch and our sales are quite average as we haven’t reach out a large group of audiences.

So, we are sorting out our marketing plans by contacting popular individuals in Malaysia to help promote our brand. Some popular pages/companies such as RED PEOPLE provided us the best opportunities to promote our brand but in exchange of sponsorship. Unfortunately, due to our budget we could not afford to provide the sponsorship to them as we have decided to start a business by gaining profit and avoid any loss.

So, we are trying our best to find the best way to market and advertise our brand with a low cost but instead, beneficial.

Besides, we have further planning for TONE DOWN to grow bigger in not just clothing/fashion industry, but also on E-Commerce.

Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation 8% equity after RM100k profit on sales
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation Since our brand is new and still a small start up business, here are the investment risks :

Market Risk
Market risk, also known as systematic risk, is risk affiliated with market returns. These can include macroeconomic factors such as interest rates, inflation, recessions, currencies, politics, etc.

In the short term stock market prices cannot be predicted. But long term returns can be predicted with some accuracy. In other words, the variation of returns (risk) is less over long periods of time than short periods of time.

Long term market returns are inversely correlated with valuations. This is why investors should use a tactical asset allocation which invests more in assets when they are selling at bargain prices and less aggressively when valuations are high. A long term investment horizon together with an active asset allocation strategy allows an investor to partially mitigate market risk.

Specific Risk
Specific risk, also known as unsystematic risk, is risk that is not correlated with market returns. It is the risk that is specific to a particular company or industry. An individual investment, such as a company, can have problems that are specific to that asset. Maybe a bad management, a large product failure, etc. causes the individual assets price to fall. Specific risk can also be nearly eliminated by diversification.

Exit Strategies Secondary Purchase

The most ideal exit strategy for a business, from the point of view of an investor perhaps is simply to sell off the whole business and a takeover could have a better return on investment. This type of exit may be most suitable for investors and also our brand which is not yet willing or ready for flotation or trade sale.

This exit strategy will take place when our business starts losing money or the future does not appear as healthy and bright as predicted.

Company Name TONE DOWN
Business Address
Contact Person Lun
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