In one of my previous entries, I wrote about how no one wants to be an entrepreneur. And I still think it’s true. Not a lot of people are willing to risk becoming an entrepreneur because of the possibility of getting burned in the process.

It should be noted that there ARE times that the rewards of becoming an entrepreneur outweigh the risks.

A part-time entrepreneur is a full-time employee who owns and operates a business on the side. It could be a weekend business or a venture that you operate also during weekdays.

No one wants to be an entrepreneur. But you might want to consider being a part-time entrepreneur instead. Here are three reasons why:

1. Being a part-time entrepreneur minimizes risks.

A full-time job makes sure that there is food on the table. This is especially great for people who cannot take huge risks because they have mouths to feed. You also get to make a lot of mistakes and experiment which is something you cannot do with a full-time business. It can be difficult though especially if you have clients require you to respond during weekdays and you can’t devote your full attention. This could lead to some very angry clientele who will complain about inefficiency and lack of professionalism.

2. A part-time business will help supplement your income.

If you have nothing to do during weekends, then make your time productive. Instead of lounging about and watching television, devote your time to growing a part-time business. If done right, it will eventually bring in the money. Sooner or later, the business might grow big enough, it may just be the right decision to quit your job.

3. A Part-time business is a way to channel your creativity.

What is that you love doing and what are you really good at? Things that you do for fun and for creative therapy such as making custom jewelry can easily be turned into a part-time business. Work on a few pieces and try putting it on eBay. Who knows.. someone might actually be willing to pay for what you do? You have fun and you earn at the same time. The problem, however, is when it stops being fun. I’ve known some people who complain and wish that they didn’t try to make money on their creative venture. It stopped being fun. Some people wish they had done it sooner.

Good things or bad things aside, part-time business take a lot of work. You who work so hard from 8-to-5 during weekdays will also be working till the wee hours in the morning after-office and through the weekends. You will have to prepare your family and significant hours for this.

And hopefully, one day, it will all pay off.

by Donna Pacheco