The Tour of Sarawak cycling championship (TOS2016) organized by Fadz Industries Sdn Bhd with the collaborations of both the Ministry of Social Development of Sarawak dan the Ministry of Sports and Youth Malaysia will be held from the 13th to the 17th of January 2016 themed “Sports Tourism is the Next Big Thing” is expected to bring about an impact in which will placed Sarawak on the world map, especially amongst the world cycling community. This 5 day long championship will start from the city of Miri, ending in the city of Kuching and will raced across major cities and towns of Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei, Betong, Sri Aman, Serian and Sematan.

The participation by 20 international cycling teams from continents such as Australia, Asia and Europe will definitely attracts the attention of local and international media representatives on doing wide coverage through electronic media, printed media, websites and social medias from all over the world. Ever since the official Tour of Sarawak 2016 was launched by YB Tan Sri William Mawan, the Minister of Social Dvelopment Sarawak on last April this year, this championship also has attracted quite a number of teams stating their interests in registering their teams to participate this international championship.

Thus, the organizing timing of theTour of Sarawak 2016 is spot-on so as Sarawak not to be left out in launching a cycling sports tourism product which has already been implemented by neighbouring countries such as Sabah, Brunei, Indonesia, Philipines and other countries around the world.

The Tour of Sarawak 2016 international cycling championship has been officially registered with of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation and with the technical assistance of the State of Sarawak Cycling Association, will be officially included in the Union Cycling Internationale’ official tour calendar, making this championship on par with other similar cycling championships within its class, thus placing Sarawak as a Sports Tourism Product in the world professional cycling communities.

Sarawak’s tourism and cultural products will obtain an opportunity to receive wide media coverages at local, regional and international levels. Officials, race teams, local and international medias will directly experience the lush beautiful landscape and various cultures in Sarawak through the locations and race routes throughout the championship.

The concept of economic spillover effect through the hotel usages in Sarawak, other than the business opportunities presented to the local Sarawakians throughout this championship, will greatly boosting the micro economy of the state. The good relationship with local media publications borne positive reports that will attract the interests of Malaysians towards sports cycling and will depict a positive outlook regarding the socio-political and socio-economic of the state of Sarawak.

The concept of making the Tour of Sarawak as a new stage to measure the excellence of Asian sports cycling which was practiced by other officially recognised cycling championships in Malaysia, where almost all the best Asian and international teams came to compete.

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