Trupartners Sdn Bhd (trupartners) started its operation on September 1st 2007. The company is involved in the business of providing advisory services to private limited companies who is in the process of fund raising either in the form of equity or loan. Trupartners is also a venture capital management company licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to provide venture capital fund management services in Malaysia.

Advisory services – the services provided by trupartners are mainly those as funds arranger which includes:

To seek and identify potential investors either a body corporate or individuals in raising necessary funding;

To liase and undertake all necessary arrangements including, providing avenue of communication between the Client and potential investor and or lender;

To advise the client on the conduct of negotiations with potential Funder on the most favorable terms and conditions;

To coordinate meetings and participating in discussions that relate to matters directly related to the Fund Raising Exercise;

To provide access to Client with the various parties to be involved in the Fund Raising Exercise such as accountants, lawyers, merchant bankers, venture capitalists and if necessary relevant authorities.

Fund Management – trupartners is also involved in the business of venture capital fund management.

Currently the company is a sub-manager of CAV Private Equity Management Sdn Bhd (CAVPE) to provide venture capital and private equity management services to Commerce Agro Ventures Sdn Bhd (CAV).

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