A tyre & car workshop, operating at a 3 storey corner lot shophouse known as Perkidmatan Tayar & Servis Kereta SJ bearing postal address at xxx Taman Seremban Jaya, 70450 Senawang N.Sembilan.

The shop is just 5 minutes drive away from the Senawag Exit ( of Plus NS Highway) tol.

The business was formerly running by my late brother, the founder; xxx who passed away in 2005 due to accident. My father , who was indeed had retired , took over the business and continued to run the same until now. The business has been making profit thru out the years steadily due to its strategic location ( facing the main road- corner shop) and established clientele base.

Due to my father old age ( age 69 yrs old) , we have now decided to sell off the business entirely. As for the shop , we will consider to dispose it off as well if there is any keen buyer for both business and shop . The shop is free from encumbrances and the business is entirely debts free.

The shop is near to the site of Tesco (Seremban Jaya) which is currently under construction and the upcoming Railway station as well.

Myself is a professional Banker, having been working in KL in the past 16 years. My younger brother is a professional accountant who is working as a director in an accounting firm. Both myself and my brother have no intention to take over the business as we have our own established career respectively.

Asking price:

Entire Business with goodwill for RM200,000 only ( negotiable) excluding the Shop

Other information: Large stock in hand ( cash term purchased) with varieties of tyres , car spare parts etc.

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