Asian Early-Stage

Established in 2003 in Singapore, Upstream Ventures focuses on early-stage venture creation by providing funding, expertise and networks to emerging companies across Singapore, India and China.

Focus on Innovation

We back outstanding teams that have the vision and discipline to build high-growth enterprises targeting Asian and global markets in sectors such as security & biometrics, Internet, IT software & solutions, IDM (interactive digital media) and semiconductors.

Hands-on Approach

Our operationally-experienced team engages early in the life of a company where we can most effectively accelerate growth. We build strong and reliable management teams, work closely with our companies to develop and execute strategies, and provide access to key players, markets and capital through our strong industrial and financial networks.


Upstream Ventures typically targets Sinagpore-based early stage companies with significant regional market opportunities. Singapore is the ideal test-bed for innovation, offering startups many advantages over neighbouring countries, including:

  • Advanced research facilities, universities & incubators
  • Strong IP protection
  • Sector-specific funding schemes & investment tax incentives
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Efficient legal system
  • High standards of corporate governance & transparency

In order to evolve into great growth companies, startups must develop sustainable recurring revenue streams and demonstrate scalability quickly. Upstream accelerates access to new markets and capital by leveraging our network in the region’s larger markets such as India and China.


Upstream Ventures assumes the role of lead investor in early stage companies, typically investing up to a maximum of $3M per company as part of a Startup or Series A round of funding. We are also keen to co-invest with other investors to ensure the company raises adequate funding to meet its growth needs. We continuously work with portfolio companies to optimize their financial strategy and strive to maintain our role as lead investor as the company moves toward subsequent rounds of funding.


Upstream invests in knowledge-intensive companies with scalable solutions and services built on underlying proprietary core technologies. We look for teams with a proven track record that have the potential to create global leaders in high-growth sectors such as: Internet (enterprise, consumer, retail), IDM (interactive digital media), mobile & wireless (applications & services), security & biometrics, and semiconductors (fabless design).

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