Video Game Company

Video Game Company

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 3,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Business Proposal :
Business Opportunity There were 1.3 billion mobile gamers at the end of 2013.

There were 1.5 billion mobile gamers at the end of 2014.

Reliable sources prefer counting revenue instead of population past that point, but if we maintain growth rate of 15.3% per year we can predict that we started 2016 with 1.7 billion mobile gamers and could potentially end the year with up to nearly 2 billion.


STRENGTH: The games industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. During the each of the last two years, with new consoles entering the market, worldwide growth was in excess of 16 percent per year.

• Expensive hardware and software
• Production flows
• Direct competition with other developers

OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities in games everywhere you turn. At the low-risk end there are plenty of success stories from small studios who focus on casual games. There are emerging opportunities in Xbox Live Arcade and mobile games. At the riskier end, there are plenty of contracts to be secured for console titles, though these generally are given to seasoned developers. Across all of these areas, there are many opportunities for contractors and outsourced work. All skill sets are in demand in games today.
• Penetration of new markets in Middle East/Europe/Asia
• Partnership with other studios
• Strong Growth in Mobile, PC and Console gaming market

THREATS: The biggest problem facing the games business today is escaping its own heritage. Traditionally, games have appealed to 18-35 year old males who have a certain level of tolerance for violence and repetitive game play mechanics. In order for games to expand their demographic and really become a mass-market form of entertainment, developers and publishers will need to shake those roots and embrace new genres and play styles. Games have the potential of never breaking out of the stereotype of being toys for teenage boys.
• Software developers abandon game development because of lack adequate profits
• Hardware Complication
• Piracy

Revenue / Business Model The capital will be spitted for different projects such as video games, merchandise store and web projects.

How we making money from video games:
-In Game Store
-Selling of digital copies and DVD copies of games

How we making money from merchandise:
-Selling of graphics tshirts,graphics mousepads,graphics posters,3D printed models and etc.

How we make money from web projects:
-Social Network for gamers will be monetized.
-Video Sharing platform for gamers will be monetized.
-Online esports platform will be used to organize gaming competitions and revenue will be generated through admission tickets and sponsors.

Management Team Mukesh Maran – Founder & Game Developer
Ikmal Hakim – Co Founder , Programmer & Game Developer
Miguel Rivera – Programmer , Modeller & Level Designer
Muhammad Suhail – Programmer
Waqar Shah – Level Designer , Environmental Artist & Modeller
Aamir Mughal – Programmer
Company Background Joe Games is a video game publishing start-up . Joe Games is a team of programmers, 3D Modellers, 3D Designers, Animators and Developers.

Currently Joe Games is workingon the first game title of Joe Games named Long Run which is set to be the biggest endless runner game in the market. Mukesh is bootstrapping this start-up. Joe Games have more than 7 members working on different part of the game.

Joe Games is looking to expand the business by publishing more games which should be developed in shorter times with quality. Selling merchandises such as printed t-shirts, caps, mousepads, posters and 3D models. Joe Games also seen opportunities in distributing gaming peripherals and gears. Some web projects are also in pending and waiting to be financed. Joe Games is aimed to be the largest video game company in Malaysia

Funding Milestone 1. Per Game Project (Including marketing and publishing) –
MYR 1200 – MYR 50002. Webstore (Development of Online Store and Purchasing of Stocks) –
MYR 10,0003. Development of social network (1 Year Operating Cost Including
Marketing) –
MYR 12 ,000

4. Development of video sharing platform (1 Year Operating Cost) –
MYR 4,000

5. Development of online esports tournaments platform (1 year Operating
Cost) –
MYR 3,000

Co-founder do not have to invest the total sums at one time. Co-founder
can invest based on projects. Co founder also has their rights to approve
and disapprove projects if studies shown that the respective project will not
give us a good ROI.

Co-Founder that play a role as a silent partner will get an equity of 25%
from the company while co founder that play a role as a director will get an
equity of 30% – 35%.

By completing all the plans described above, JoeGames will have the
capability of reaching certain goals such as:-

1. Owning the world biggest social network for gamers
2. The only game company which develop games for education purpose
which is ads free (Edu Purpose Game)
3. Owning one of the creative clothing line in Malaysia (Webstore)
4. An official game company in Malaysia

A total amount of MYR 55,000 is needed for the operation of JoeGames for a period of 15 months. Financing by co-founder can be done on monthly basis after the submission of proper documentation from the founder and reports on the work progress are submitted.

% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI 5% -10%
Risks and Mitigation No.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah , 86000 Kluang Johor
Company Name Joe Games
Business Address No.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah , 86000 Kluang Johor
Contact Person Mukesh Maran