Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM180,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are from Epico Malaysia, an event management company whom does our own signature events and execute corporate events.
Every signature events of ours is attended by 2000 to 4000 pax.
This time around we are planning to do a concert featuring a top-notch band and singer named Vidya Vox. Vidya Vox is an Indian born UK based singer whom has been climbing up the stairs for 3 years in the industry now. Having her Live Concert in Malaysia is a dream come true for many people who loves her songs. She has performed in various countries such as, South Africa, Dubai, India and UK. She never been to Asia/Malaysia. Therefore, the opportunity for this event is highly predictable.This event is subject to be held in Kuala Lumpur on June 2018 with an expectation of 2000 people participating.
Business Opportunity The market for event industry is good in Malaysia. Events is happening every week and month. The beauty of it is that the same events doesn’t take place often. Every concert that was conducted in Malaysia has never failed to produce a big income for the organizers as well as exposure for the corporate company. Moreover, Vidya never been to Asia before, therefore, the prediction on getting all Malaysian and neighboring countries to attend the event is highly possible.

We have the preliminary research regarding the audience and Vidya’s influence in Malaysia. The results are convincing enough to run this show in Malaysia.

Revenue / Business Model Revenue for the concert is primarily aimed at the tickets. There would 3 different category for tickets.
Other revenues for this concert would be generated from selling quality T-shirt and merchandise to the fans. Revenue will also be made from the vendors whom puts up a stall inside the concert venue.
Management Team We are highly educated and well versed team whom are experienced in organizing mid-scale events from pre-production till post-event settlement. We have organized 6 Events on our own and 2 of the last events were featured in the Star newspaper. These events are attended by 2000 to 4000 participants.
Our Signature Events:
#INTIFRESHOther than this, we have also helped corporate companies to conduct events such as product launch, awareness and etc.

All these events are managed A to Z by our in-house specialists. We only out-source the need of equipment from other vendors.

Company Background The company is started on July 2016. Our events were started from 2015 itself. Investment made to date would be 180K. We have organized our company accounts in very good manner and we have the complete P&L as well. All our plans and execution goals were met so far. Our next goal is to organize this mid-scale event. We have a lot more events in mind as well apart of concert and shows. Events that would bring in revenue plus publicity as well
Funding Milestone We require 100K funds for this concert. The funds will be solely for the event such as Artist payment, logistics and event preparation.
The total budget for the event is 290K. 80% of the revenue for the event will be collected atleast 3 months before the event from the ticket sales. Tickets sales are expected to start 4 months before the event.
We are also in the virtue of looking for potential sponsors whom want to publish their corporate brand though this event.
% Equity Allocation 15-20%
Expected ROI 120%
Risks and Mitigation The risk involved here is the currency depletion. The artist and band is based on UK/US, therefore, changes in currency would affect for their fees and logistics as well. Other than that, another risk on this would be the event date, it has to be held in a safe zone where there’s no any other major events are being held. To avoid that, Announcement and marketing of this event will need to start 6 months prior to the event.
Exit Strategies investor can either choose to exit with the given sum plus the profit or continue funding with us for our next events. We have many draft plans which will have good opportunity in the Event market for Malaysia.
Company Name xxx
Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Giri Rao Krishna
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