Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM150,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are the sole importer of some patented coffee and equipment, which only we have it in Malaysia. We sell via retail distribution and e-commerce, and soon to offer licensing pop up store. We are to expand to overseas via JV with local partner.

Our business as below:
1. As sole importer of premium coffee/ specialty coffee/ patented coffee or equipment.
2. Distribute products to local retail shop, cafe, organic shop, department store, petrol kiosk and etc.
3. Operate own brand ‘The Herding Day’ kiosk as retail and showcase of products.
4. Licensing ‘The Herding Day’ pop up kiosk to potential partner.
5. Setup e-commerce platform as B2C channel.

We are eager to educate consumer on the benefit of good coffee products compare to instant coffee or 3 in 1 coffee. To do so, we are bringing in quality or innovative way of brew coffee. We participate in expo and roadshow to promote our products and share the benefit of our products.

Business Opportunity Research shows only 3% Malaysian are exposed, known, or accepted specialty coffee. if example 50% population drinks coffee, there are still 47% room to growth. Our goal not to permanently or immediately convert these 47% to accept specialty coffee, but to at least known to specialty coffee, or try specialty coffee at least once a month, then to once a week. With population of 50%, equivalent opportunity of 15,000,000 cups of specialty coffee, if each person only drink 1 cups per month.
We eager to penetrate this opportunity and market by now building our brand as specialty coffee company.
Revenue / Business Model Distribution
We have 10 re-sellers, 6 more in pipeline. Few sizeable projects as below:
1. Coffeebrewer and Teabrewer to Village Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocer (18 outlet)
2. Teabrewer to Purple Cane (20 outlet)
3. Coffeebrewer to Petron mart (more than 100 mart)Retail kiosk / Store
Our 1st retail kiosk initially setup as showcase, After the opening,we received invitation from Avenue K, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Paragon and etc. We will license the kiosk to potential investor.

Online sales via FB message and bank transfer alone, achieve RM12,800 on Nov 2017. We see the potential of putting our products into online and create our own specialty coffee and equipment B2B, B2c, C2C portal.

Management Team The management team of the Company consist of two directors, who are Timothy and Yng Xing, who hold the responsibility of taking care the daily business activities. As the Company is still small, we do not hire people for managerial level, as both of the directors are able to take charge of each management sector from marketing, accounting, finance to business management. Timothy is from Banking, marketing and business management background, while Yng Xing is from Finance, Accounting and Audit background. Other than that, we have another 2 active shareholders now. Holden, is from property background, where he has large overseas network within Asia, hence it would be benefit to us for overseas expansion in future. Dennis, has strong interial design and e-commerce background, where he can assist on the e-commerce.
Company Background This business started since November 2016 as sole proprietorship owned Yng Xing and supported by Timothy. With new partners investing into the business, they decided to form a new limited company known as ‘Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd’. Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd was established by four shareholders Timothy Chee, Yng Xing, Holden Tan, and Dennis Toh on 4th July 2017. Paid up capital at RM150,000. The company is currently managed by Timothy Chee and Yng Xing.

The business nature of the company is to source and import quality and unique specialty coffee products as well as other coffee related products into Malaysia. The company has created its own retail brand name for the retail outlet, known as The Herding Day. The Herding Day displays and sells all their imported products. Our first retail outlet is located at level 3 of Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall.

Both in the team aware that there is no specialty coffee retail shop in Malaysia. Some of the café do offer specialty coffee, but the proposition and education is not in place. Hence consumers are not aware the difference between conventional coffee and specialty coffee. For café owner point of view, they have the best specialty coffee in the world. but consumers are not appreciating the specialty coffee. For consumer point of view, why is your coffee is more expansive than others while I can have cheaper coffee at other shop, or other alternative like instant coffee or 3in1. Both parties stand at each side and no strategy and education to upskill the consumers’ knowledge about specialty coffee. There is no better way of educating than by consumer to do it by themselves. We encourage the consumer to brew our specialty coffee by themselves, and allow them to learn the fundamental of brewing, and tasting of specialty coffee at very convenience and cost-effective way. With these simple approach, consumers are more attracted to understand and learn about specialty coffee, and slowly step towards specialty coffee.

The mission of the company is to educate Malaysian towards quality specialty coffee. Based on our research, there are only 3% of Malaysian know about specialty coffee. To achieve this mission, the company intended to bring interesting and quality coffee to Malaysian from all over the world. The best way to educate Malaysia market is to let the consumer to taste it by themselves.

The vision of the company is to expand our business from Malaysia to other countries in the region, to provide one stop quality coffee supply to consumer as well as to influence and educate the consumer towards quality coffee. The brand is positioned as an exchange hub of coffee knowledge, coffee culture, and coffee products among all the said countries.

Existing products:
1. Coffeebrewer (Denmark)
2. Teabrewer (Denmark)
3. GOAT Mug (Slovenia)
4. GINA (Slovenia)

Up until today, we have achieve more than 10 resellers in prime area like bangsar, KL city, damansara, etc. Our business is currently yet to breakeven, but we do have steady sales to sustain revenue. The monthly sales at our existing coffee kiosk is average at RM5,000-7,000, monthly online sales average at RM4,000 to 6,000. However, during the month of December 2017 we managed to achieve RM12,800 sales in conjunction with the Christmas season and we did spend some funding on marketing. From these both channel, we do have some recurring customer who buy the products again from us and we heard satisfaction feedback from them. Aside from that, we also participated in some roadshow and exhibition in year 2017, where total sales for roadshow and exhibition in 2017 is approximately RM40,000.

The Company planned to widen the product range in coming quarter and already contact the principal from Japan and Taiwan on the products.

Funding Milestone The ideal funding required RM1,000,000
Usage of the fund:
10% to replenish existing products for bigger capacity
10% to bring in new products
5% setup e-commerce portal
10% setup licensing pop up kiosk
10% marketing, participate exhibition, roadshow and etc
% Equity Allocation 15%-20%
Company Name xxxxx Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook xxxxx
Business Address Sunway Velocity Mall
Contact Person Timothy Chee
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