It is a website about matching up dog owners who plan to go on vacation and local dog lovers community need funding to bring it to the next level – developing an app to mobilize

Project Cost: estimated about RM100,000

Amount Invested : None

Amount Required : RM100,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing
other (IT / Online business & marketing)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: concept


Company History:

There are only a pinch-ful of dog hotels in Malaysia, let alone a good quality one. Many times over, we send our dogs to these hotels and they came back weary, some even caught sickness, and it takes quite some time and a lot of effort to bring back our dogs back to its normal, happy, cheerful condition. One painful reason is that due to the scarcity of such lodges, many are cramped with dogs already. However these hotels’s owners would never turn down any opportunity to make more money, so even if the hotel is already fully occupied, what they do is they add cages, stacked up against each other and take in more dogs. So for the few days, a week, or two, for some longer than that, the dogs are restrained to the limited spaces in the cage!

Product / Service Description:

My idea is simple: home sitting for dogs. There are a lot of dog lovers in the community, and they will be more than willing to take in one extra dog for a limited time. They will feed, walk and play with your dog just as they would their own. Your dog will be loved! So why not make use of them? The other great benefit of home sitting is that you save money! Dog hotels are very expensive, mind you. Engaging these home sitter will be far more economical. Dog owners will be more than willing to choose home sitter over dog hotels, as all they want for their dog is to be happy and comfortable.

Business Opportunity:

Marketing strategy. Promoting this service to the society.
The market is big and is expanding. We can even cross sell this service to the local dog lovers community in other countries in Asia.
Currently there is a Facebook page, gathering likes and insights form other dog lovers. I have received some very good, positive feedback.

Revenue Model:
Bringing this idea, this concept, from a community page, to an app.
Developing an app, allowing users a better experience of logging in infos, smoother operatus for returning customers…etc.

There are 2 options to revenue:
1. Extracting a 15% of the dog hosts’ profit; and/or
2. Charging a registration fee to dog hosts (leveraging them to become a verified dog host)

Management Team:

Idea by: Loo Shih Shih
Facebook page manager: Loo Shih Shih
Sole ownership: Loo Shih Shih

Current Status:
Starting up.
RM564 spent on promoting Facebook page: Dogstay
No revenue yet.

Funding Milestone:
RM 85,000 on app developing – funcitonal app to collate data, able to perform match up of dog owners’ profile to relevant dog host
RM 15,000 on marketing the app, promoting it on several channels including mobile and traditional media.

Business Valuation:
60% equity for the funds and consultation given.
40% equity for myself for the idea, the research and the execution.

Expected Return On Investment:
12 – 24 months.
First 6 months used to develop the app and improvising it.
Then after, marketing it through various channel as mentioned above.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:
Existing home sitters. There are some home sitters but they are very few, and scattered. What we can do is, engage them, enroll them into using this app. Pooling them together to form a better resource of dog hosts to our customer – those dog owners!


Loo Shih Shih (
Company Name: NA
Postal Address : No. 71, Jalan SS24/12
Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47301
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : NA
Website :
Mobile: 0123858526


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