Have you ever thought of what it means to be an entrepreneur? What vision comes to mind when you imagine yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you see business suits, big houses, and fast cars, or do you see more free time, family vacations, and peace of mind?

I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR! It sounds nice doesn’t it? However, the title of “entrepreneur” means nothing if you do not attach any significance to the word. We all see entrepreneurs on television (Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc.), yet we never really grasp the concept of what being an entrepreneur means.

Achieving the success of those entrepreneurs will happen to .0000001% of the population, if not less! It is great to have “lofty” goals; however, you have to know what drives you and what motivates you. To me, being an entrepreneur means freedom. Freedom from the daily grind of the nine to five routine, freedom to do what I want, and the freedom to spend as much time with my family as possible. Becoming a billionaire would be awesome, but that is not what being an entrepreneur means to me. A better life and the freedom to do what I want is what drives me.

Find out what being an entrepreneur means to you so that you can give your entrepreneurial journey some direction. Whatever you do, do not set a goal that is easy to achieve! If you do this, you will not feel the same sense of achievement and pride that you would feel had your goal been harder to obtain. On the other hand, you do not want to set a goal that is so hard that it is near impossible to achieve. If you do this, chances are you will get discouraged before you accomplish the goal and will eventually quit trying to achieve it.

Create your sense of achievement and drive for motivation by accomplishing a difficult, but not impossible goal!

A greater sense of achievement will give you greater motivation and ultimately greater success. So, what does being an entrepreneur mean to you? Find out and start your journey!

by Marco Angioni II

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