A new blog is started somewhere in the world every minute. There are over 10 million new websites started everyday. I do not know about you, but these are staggering numbers to me. Many of these blog and website owners are starting an online business. Some of them already one going and are just adding another. Many are brand new to this.

Depending on your situation it may be hard for you to get started. Here are 4 reasons starting an online business is going to be hard for you if you are new to it.

1. Computer skills

If you do have the basics skills such as copy and pasting, logging in, sending email, surfing online etc, then you are going to have to learn them. I am not talking about building fancy websites with graphics and banners. Just being able to do the everyday basics will be hard at first

2. What To Sell

Once you have made up your mind to start a business online one of the hardest questions to answer is what will I sell. The best advice I can give you is choose a niche around something you have a passion for. Then go to affiliate websites such as Commission Junction and search for products you can sell. If you love to cook start with that. If you can narrow it down and you are great at cooking Mexican food than do that. Join a few affiliate programs and you are ready to get started.

3. Where To Advertise

This is a problem for newbie’s and veterans alike. As an affiliate you will be given websites to promote. Getting people to visit those websites is going to be hard. If you have a budget you need to be careful how you spend it. If you are looking for free and nearly free advertising then be prepared to spend a lot of time learning the best ways to use it.

4. Should I Start My Own Website

When starting an online business you soon realize that you are going to need your own website or blog. This is what makes you unique and what will help you get free traffic from the search engines. Your ability to develop a website or blog will be hard at first.

Blogging is actually easier once it is set up because all you have to do to create a new page is type. WordPress is the number one blogging platform at this time and offers many great plug ins to help you quickly set up a productive blog.

Starting an online business may be hard for you. Maybe not! Regardless it will take a lot of work and you have to consider these 4 things to get started correctly.

by: Al Freeman.

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