Many 9 to 5 workers have dreams of starting their own business one day. Perhaps in a few years time when things are a little easier.

Starting your own business allows you to be your own boss and choose your own hours. However, best part is knowing what your capable of and knowing you gave it a shot, even if you fail. There is nothing worse than looking back on your life and wondering “what if I did succeed back then? I could be in a better place now”.

When you are young you are taught to goto school, get into university and get a good job. If you do manage land a high paying job where you are paid $100,000 a year, imagine how much money your employer is making to be able to afford your wage, your coworkers and still remain profitable. While you are working for someone else you are helping them build their own dream. The employer doesnt start a business so they can employ you, they do so to fullful their own dreams and you are a pawn in their vision.

Many people believe that starting their own business is a risk, and it is. However, I believe that not having your own business is an even bigger risk. In todays day and age there is no such thing as job security. Its quite possible for someone to work their way up the corporate ladder and having that job that is their only income, only to be suddenly fired. Their wage went from $100,000 a year to Zero and they still have all their bills to pay from their $100,000 a year lifestyle.

Thats not to say that self employed people are immune to such risks as their work load can also suddenly dry up. However, self employed people generally know how to create their own work. They are looking for work every single day unlike the 9 to 5 employee who is getting comfortable in their job and only had to go though that stage once.

I once had a client tell me that I would need to watch out for when computers become easier to use because I would be made redundant. I was shocked that they were telling me that because this person was a 9 to 5 employee working for someone else, who could fire them any time they want. From being self employed I have developed mutliple sources of income and If something was to happen to any one of them I could survive on the others. If they were fired, they would have nothing to fall back on

Some of my main reasons for starting my own business was so I dont have to work until I die and I can travel any time I want. In the last two years I have been around the world twice taking off 2 months off work each trip.