Wifi-based advertisement solution

Wifi-based advertisement solution

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM39,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description CYFY MARKETING is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a Wi-fi solution specialist company specializing in Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

With the ever growing needs for internet and wireless connection, we tap on the growing scale and opportunity by bringing our product and service to both users and businesses alike. Our target market are business owners with one or more premise and companies whom requires advance Wi-fi solutions.

The purpose of this proposal is to secure an investment for our expansion plans and further R&D for our various business models. Our Wi-fi solution itself has been field tested in 2 premises in the Klang Valley and so far our customer were satisfied with the results. Overall, both the software and hardware system is
extremely stable.

Our first priority is to quickly expand our zone of coverage by saturating the market with our AP (Access Point) of choice linking to our system. We projected an
estimated annual revenue return of more than RM5 million in the next following 2 years after saturation.

Business Opportunity 1. UNTAPPED WI-FI POTENTIAL
Free Wi-fi are offered almost everywhere by their own premise owners, however they are not utilized fully into adding value to their businesses. Most would just open up a free Wi-fi password protected channel and that’s about it. This is truly a waste of opportunity to further market or brand their own products or
services whenever someone uses their free Wi-fi.

Most premise owners or businesses do not bother installing a Wi-fi infrastructure or simply has poor coverage or faced with myriad of technical problems even if
they have one. For those who does not have one, some consider it as being an extra cost or hassle should they look for someone to do the installation. As for
those who has one, having to maintain someone to look after their network and infrastructure seems like a challenge hence the quality of it degrades as time
passes, even to the point of abandonment.

There are plenty of companies out there offering Wi-fi solutions however their prices are sometimes too prohibitive for any small to medium sized companies
to even consider about. Even if some has the budget to go for it, they do not see how can a Wi-fi solution be value-adding to their business.

So far in the market within Malaysia, TM Net has offered public Wi-fi infrastructures at a cost charged per hourly usage. There are also some other companies that has similar solution as ours however the services offered are only a subset of what are and will be doing.


Paid advertisement is where we seek out potential and interested advertisers to place their ads within our Wi-fi network. The advertisement will be transmitted to
all of our partnered vendors (clients who is choosing Package 3 & 4).

2. PAID WI-FI SOLUTION (1st phase – Completed)
In this package, customers are given the complete control over their own Wi-fi whereby they will be given an admin panel to customize the landing page, free of
any external advertisement.

Customers are also given the option to completely customize the page/pages apart from our templates. There will be additional cost but the end result would
be an unique page served to their surfers.

This package allows partial autonomy for our clients to customize their own page however the page will also be served external advertisements. In this package,
the client will be restricted to customize existing templates.

4. FREE WI-FI SOLUTION (2nd phase)
In this package, premise owners will receive a complementary AP (Access Point). The AP will serve as our node to advertise for our advertisers in Package 1.

In this package, anyone publicly can post up their advertisement. These advertisement will have a PPC (Pay-per-click) & Impression cost associated with it. Based on the budget given, they will be transmitted to all our Package 4 clients.

** Currently, our system is only offering Package number 2. Further development is needed before we can offer the other plans.

Management Team 1. William Ong
Bsc (Hons) Software Engineering & Bsc (Hons) in Mechatronics

2. Sandy Kuan
Master of Business Administration

Company Background Start of company date : around August 2017
Investment to date : ~RM 40,000.00
sales : RM 20,000.00
profit : RM 5,000.00
Funding Milestone Amount required : RM 600,000.00 to RM 1,000,000.00

50% for further tech development
30% for maketing
20% for operations

The 50% tech funding will be divided into 4 phases of development
the rest of the 50% for marketing and operations will be done in parallel as development takes place

% Equity Allocation 20 to 25%
Expected ROI 50 to 100%
Risks and Mitigation Currently there are no immediate risk however small competitors are coming up with subsets (parts) of my solution.

Mitigation action being taken;
1. Further development of my software/solution will make our competitors obsolete
2. Custom hardware research to bring down the overall cost

Exit Strategies Certainly no one would like to fail in their business or ideas; But should things go sour, liquidation of our asset and potential intellectual property will be the main priority.
Company Name TY GLOBAL SDN. BHD.
Business Address No. 8, Jalan Damai Puspa 11, Alam Damai
Contact Person William Ong