Women Entrepreneurs make up an astounding 41% of the entrepreneur industry according to a cross-national study of 34 countries across the World.

Many more women than men are involved in entrepreneurship because of the lack of alternative job opportunities.

There is a strong positive and significant correlation that exists between opportunity recognition and a woman’s likelihood of starting a new business.

Women who perceived the existence of business opportunities were more likely to make the decision to start a new business.

Women are particularly sensitive to their social environment and because of this sensitivity in the United States alone over two-thirds of the 41% of women owned businesses are in the services industry.

This roughly means there are over 14.1 million women owned service businesses in the United States alone.

Simply stated for the last ten years (1997 thru 2007) Women entrepreneurs have grown to an amazing 51% mainly because of the new age of the World Wide Web (www.)

Mentoring and network support, especially at the local level, are at least as crucial in boosting women’s attitudes with respect to business. Enough of the statistics…

What does this explosion of Women Owned Businesses mean to you?

The answer to that question in a nut shell…

Never before in our history have women had the opportunities presented to them than what they have today, with no relevance to their…

Education or Social Status because there are easy step-by-step practical methods to start a profitable successful adventure. Also the support and mentoring one receives with these methods are at their peak…

Age or Race because the Internet cannot distinguish between or recognize these characteristics…

Income or Finances because the Internet has evolved to the point that almost everyone owns or has access to a computer. Plus the cost of building a online business is affordable to all…

Physical abilities or Disabilities because again the Internet cannot distinguish or recognize your physical ability or disability status…

Truly there are No Limitations to Restrain you…

These elements that have hampered Women Entrepreneurs for decades have become virtually Obsolete in our society today because of the rapidly growing technology of the Internet but mainly it is due to Women’s Creativity, Resourcefulness, Inventiveness, Proficiency, Persistency, and most of all Determination.

Ladies excuse this crude interpretation but it all boils down to Women Entrepreneurs have the “GUTS” to go after and achieve there Dreams and Desires if they see a feasible workable opportunity present itself.

Women now realize that they can control their own futures with little guidance from others.

The Opportunities are Endless with the strongest possibilities of Success at their highest levels in our great history for the Women Entrepreneurs because they have “BAM” (brain & motivation) along with Determination.

Ladies How and Where do you find your “Niche”?

Research… Research… Research…

Examine in great detail what Other Successful Women Have Accomplished Due To Their Determination.

The Stage is set for the decision to be made. Whether you are already a Woman Entrepreneur or a Work At Home Mom the time is “Now to Start Your Own Business.” Don’t let this time in history pass you up!

by Ideas-To-Become-An-Entrepreneur

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