World Peace Rally

World Peace Rally

The World Peace Rally is the biggest traveling Trade, Industry, Tourism and Commerce exhibition in history. The word “Peace” is an acronym for “Promoting Europe Asia Commercial Enterprise” and Malaysia is the host and organiser for 34 other participating countries.

1. Objectives
1.1. To produce the biggest traveling exhibition in history, promoting Malaysian companies and government services throughout Asia and Europe;
1.2. To administer and oversee the most number of peace and community welfare projects ever conducted by a single event in history;
1.3. To create peripheral activities of maximum interest to international mass media, including sporting events, live entertainment, travel documentaries and demonstrations of ethnic cuisine, arts, crafts and culture;
1.4. To obtain the widest possible international audience following the entire journey, so as to offer participating advertisers, exhibitors and sponsors, the best value for money international marketing opportunities in history;
1.5. To create a world record for the biggest fund raising by a single event in history and to disburse those funds, without deduction, for the benefit of disadvantaged women and children throughout all countries en route;
1.6. To create a franchise system representative of every country en route, requiring each Franchisee to coordinate pre-designed activities within their national borders.

2. The Traveling Exhibitions.
2.1. The company has designed totally unique mobile exhibitions capable of catering for up to 500 exhibitors per vehicle, utilizing the most modern multi-media technology available;
2.2. The company has relations with commercial interests in most countries en route who will be invited to join the convoy with similarly designed vehicles from their country, following the Malaysian convoy to our final destination;
2.3. From these mobile exhibition vehicles supported by a number of static exhibitions in each city, the company expects incalculable multi-lateral trade to occur between all countries and their exhibitors. For Malaysia alone, we have estimated over US$10 billion in additional Government and corporate revenue resulting from the event;
2.4. The company will register world-wide intellectual property over the entire concept and all other aspects of the event so as to provide a 20 year protection over the concept and its mechanical implementation;
2.5. In consideration of our “PEACE” theme franchisees will be instructed to co-host and share their exhibition facilities with neighbouring countries, so as to provide greater diversity of national companies and all other aspects of the event including cuisine and travel documentaries;
2.6. This strategy is recommended primarily for improving political relations with neighbouring countries in the name of Peace, international co-operation and the development of multi-lateral trade;
2.7. Via our unique designs and marketing strategies, approximately 1,000 Malaysian companies and Government Departments representing Malaysian tourism, trade, industry and commerce, will be exhibiting their products and services to a conservatively estimated 1.4 million live visitors and a world-wide television audience exceeding 3 billion people;
2.8. Never in history has such a massive multi-national, multi-lateral trade exhibition ever been held with such a wide international audience.

3. Peace Initiatives
3.1. We will work directly with the United Nations and all major NGOs involved in promoting world peace via world-wide connections already in place and waiting;
3.2. Franchisees in each country will be invited to nominate specific peace initiatives of their choice subject to our endorsement and later, in conjunction with those NGOs;
3.3. The history of organizations involved in peace initiatives indicates a distinct preference for tangible structural monuments of various types. The company however, has the view that welfare projects and multi-lateral trade provide longer lasting and more effective benefits to peace in a region. The company is of the strong view that poverty and lack of education causes conflict and a peace monument costing as much as US$25,000 is of no benefit to the population;

4. Community Welfare
4.1. Preliminary discussions have occurred with similar and different NGOs regarding community welfare activities in over 300 cities and communities en route;
4.2. In order to obtain company endorsement and funding of a project, the franchisee and NGOs involved must demonstrate the ability of the project to provide long term sustainable improvements in living standards, education and health for the community involved;
4.3. Each franchisee will be responsible for nominating locations and the types of activities most beneficial to each community, in conjunction with their preferred NGO, and subject to the company’s approval;
4.4. In many cases, these activities cannot be funded and concluded during our journey. They may either be pre-arranged or conducted after our departure.
4.5. In any case, documentaries will be produced of the initiatives for future world-wide distribution.
4.6. Payment for the costs of community welfare and charity work will generally not be possible until after our event. However, details of all planned projects will be available for world-wide screening before and at the time of each national concert and telethon;
4.7. From funds raised during the telethons and concerts, allocations to selected NGOs will be made on the basis of previously recommended projects and is expected to average more than US$100,000 per project or US$10 million per country.
4.8. Projects which benefit the most number of people and disadvantaged women and children will be given priority.

5. Mass Media
5.1. The Company is guaranteed the largest television, radio and press coverage in Malaysia’s history.
5.2. Via its network with the world’s largest and most respected sports and adventure television production house, and with two of the world’s biggest networks of government and private media groups, the Company can guarantee potential audiences exceeding 3.5 billion people in over 60 countries around the world.
5.3. With its intention to produce over 89 documentaries of our journey, the Company offers sponsors and corporate participants, an historically high advertising avenue;
5.4. Taking into account the number of minutes of world-wide broadcasting with the constant exposure of all major participants, the costs of corporate and government participation is less than 1% of the cost incurred in conventional international advertising and marketing and more than 10 times as effective;
5.5. We are advised verbally that each documentary of no less than 24 minutes will be televised world-wide.

6. Fund Raising
6.1. In 1985, before the advent of modern internet and telecommunications, “Live Aid” raised US$284 million from telethons and concerts in four (4) locations. Our target is far in excess of that figure;
6.2. During our journey and concentrating on our final destination, we will be operating concerts and telethons in every country en route. These telethons have been meticulously planned to maximize audience participation and resulting fund raising;
6.3. Our connections have also indicated that these telethons will be broadcast world-wide although because of the number of countries involved and the time differences, they may be edited into one or two days of broadcasting;
6.4. Preliminary discussions and negotiations have already begun to obtain guidance from some of the world’s most successful fund raising organizations and individuals. Names cannot at this stage, be made public;
6.5. Concerts will involve a selection of contemporary and cultural performances, designed to maximize television ratings and audience participation. Mostly, entrance fees will be minimal with an expectation of minimal fees paid to performing artists where necessary;

7. The Future
7.1. The first event traverses 34 countries in a westerly direction from Malaysia to England;
7.2. Future journeys will occur every 2 or 3 years taking different routes covering most countries on the planet and taking to the sea and air;
7.3. The World Expos began in 1851 and continue triennially to this day. The World Peace Rally will supplement or replace those events;
7.4. World-wide intellectual property registrations will prevent similar competitive events for up to 20 years.

8. The Founders
8.1. A small group of people have invested over 4 years in developing the concept to this point –
Mr. xxx – an Australian citizen, retired chartered accountant, international marketing consultant, living in Malaysia since 1995, world travel, full time;
Mdm xxx – restaurateur, world travel, part time;
Mr. xxx – businessman, business development consultant; world travel, casual;
Mr xxx – businessman, import export operator, world travel, casual;
Pn. xxx – retired professional architect, casual.
Mr xxx – IT specialist, businessman, CAD consultant and trainer, world travel, casual.

9. Financials
9.1. Exhaustive research has been conducted on revenue and expenditure and budgets and cash flow projections up to the completion of the first event scheduled for September 2013, indicate the following –
9.2. Total budgeted capital expenditure – RM5 million;
Total budgeted operating expenditure – RM35 million
Total budgeted recoverable expenditure – RM30 million
Total budgeted revenues – RM500 million
9.3. A 4 month and a 2 year Action Plan indicate revenues to exceed costs within 4 to 12 months of commencement.
9.4. For an investor with access to specific government authorities, an equity up to 51% is available.
9.5. Funding required from the investor may vary between RM500,000 and RM5 million as supported by Cash Flow Forecasts, with equity adjusted by negotiation.
9.6. With a 5+ times annual RoI, we expect the investor to remain for the long term, but buy-outs can be negotiated.
9.7. Once intellectual properties are registered, we foresee no risks. No competition exists. Costs of advertising and exhibiting are less than 1% of alternate advertising costs and incapable of being duplicated without breaching intellectual rights.
9.8. Incalculable returns exist from a future world-wide public float.