xpdsion green sports gear seeking RM300K expansion capital

xpdsion green sports gear seeking RM300K expansion capital

Project Cost: RM300,000

Amount Invested : RM18,000

Amount Required : RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: early expansion


Company History:

Xpdsion was founded by Hari Raju and Roziaty promanop and our aim is to be the biggest retailer and distributor of water sports products from around the world for the Asia region. We only deal with green sports gear.

Product / Service Description:

Xpdsion deals with the business of retailing and distributing world class sports gear from Around the world to the Asia market.our core areas are paddling sports such as kayaking stand up paddling , kite boarding and rock climbing.
All these sports need zero fossil fuel to execute which is our edge. We are the world’s first retailer and or distributor of fossil free sports gear.

Business Opportunity:

I started this company with a self funded 18k RM investment.We had a strategy to invest it in marketing the product by creating national level expeditions.Hari is the first person in the world to use in house gear and kayak 500 km using the Google camera on board. We specialize d the rest on buying samples and negotiating with world class manufacturers to buy our idea of being a future distributori.We made sure that almost all our products has at least 1 world class a thete as user.Securing rights to distributorship requires a larger fund.we however got it by marketing it first through world class events .we continue to do so.in 2015 we will again be the first to organise a kuala Lumpur to California relay paddling event to promote Or Kayak the world’s first folding kayak.

We need a working capital to buy stocks and open up our first shop in cherating.We have secured a years free rent for our premise as we are innovative and pioneers in this venture. I hope to raise funds to go the next step.We didn’t sit and wait but went ahead with whatever little we had to show we are committed .

Revenue Model:

Retailing both online and through our sports centre, distributing our gear asia wide, training and rental of sports gear through our future premise in Cherating

Management Team:

Roziaty Promanop – Owner
Hari Raju – Marketing and Sports

Current Status:

I INVESTMENT in sample stocks to secure distribution rights RM15k
Marketing through expedition – 3k

Funding Milestone:

RM150000 initial stage to procure stocks.working capital. and setup store in Cherating.
RM 150000 in stages for healthy stock replenishment throughout year

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment: 2 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Potential for growth in Asia is High as it is a sector of sports in infancy.

Exit Strategies: Xpdsion will buy back share equity


Roziaty Promanop ( xpdsion.com@gmail.com)
Company Name: Xpdsion
Postal Address : 1 Jalan 5/3a Kota Puteri Rawang
State : Selangor
Post Code : 48100
Country : Malaysia
Website : xpdsion. com
Mobile: +60113211456