Project Cost: 500K – 1M

Amount Invested : 500K into the company.Not this project.

Amount Required : 500K – 1M

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Connections in business)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: informatics / multimedia

Project Stage: Seed (Prototyping)


Company History:

Passionate about technology & innovations. Sell my house to startup the entrepreneurial experience- burn the bridge as the west coined it. Have an understanding wife who believe in my passage, investing in our future & the future of many who would join us.

Product / Service Description:

Reinventing new smart services in the area of <Location Services from 100m-10m>.
Basically we have a huge landscape now in using smartphones & expanding. Mature cloud computing environment. We want to bring a new perspective to digital experience- constant surprise, excitement, interaction and engagement to end consumers. We would like to objects alive- building will send u info; provide talking points to tourism sites to bring more value to the experience; better experience in malls; restaurant; public places. What is needed is to build a smart wifi mesh device & mobile apps and cloud big data to facilitate the transformations.

Business Opportunity:

With personal smart devices, people can experience new smart services that pushing to them based on their interests in participation to share their profile. Thus will get back a new experience when they are arriving in that location. It open up opportunities for businesses to push the promotion, product info in an attractive visual in the personal device. Integration of point of sales can be done to make sure they can transact in the way that will provide customer reward and remember the trip and share it to the world.

It is a live streaming, with or without internet available- seemlessly orchestrated by the system at the back. Data capture at the background will allow business to server customers better again and again. New innovative mechanism can be introduce with better parameters in analytics.

Revenue Model:

Sponsorships with first engagement cost. Monthly subscription model to make sure new info and new promo is being update weekly, monthly or adhoc. We are targeting big players in the market which would like to introduce the new excitement- imagining bintang walk, ioi mall, iCity, big malls, etc. With very strong sponsorships. Federal & state government turnkey projects for tourism sites. Also will able to partner with telco to meet their end points in location base smart services. We also could distribute our smart wifi devices internationally but tie to local providers with our system to continue supporting them in subscription based tie to the box deployment.

Management Team:

We have a very small team now. This project is an opportunity for us to reset and do what we like in introducing the world has not seem before and at this stage I am putting up a new team to crank out prototype. Secure some pioneer trial run are important in the milestone to allow us to grow quickly and assemble a full management team that solid to go international.

Current Status:

Will provide full detail in time to come. It will be like a new venture now. The current status of company is idle in the situation that I am seeking for funding to make this project possible to kick off.

Funding Milestone: 3 month with prototype
3-6 month to roll out trial pioneer run with strong sponsors identified.
6-9 month to secure contract and live run
before end of 1 year, will have revenue of RM500K-1m
2nd year project to secure 1m/mth scenario.
3rd yr and before will be 1m/week and once we hit full run and go international,we imagine target 1m/day bottom line.

Business Valuation:

Early stage we have angel investors with valuation of 250K for 10% equity share of Aeflex Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd.
It has not change since then.
If this one taken off,I am sure the valuation will shoot up.
We are expecting 500K for this venture for 1 yr burning rate and at the same time earn it back on the same year.

Expected Return On Investment:

From the business model and the projection, once we are successful in focusing in what we do in delivering best products and best services. The return will be 100 fold by end of 3rd year.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

We have done some serious analysis in addressing all the 4 pillars of the business.
1. smart mesh wifi/bluetooth devices
2. Mobile apps
3. Cloud big data (billing, schedule, proliferation and managing devices)
4. Branding, smart partnerships, alliance & affiliation to make this a platform & promote the ecoSystem.

Each of the pillar is a business by itself. We will explore the IP possibility and licensing & distribution models to ensure it is a solid business model. To selvage them,it will worth more then 500K each and big players will be watching and interested.

To reduce entry barrier to make 4 pillars to secure the technology, partnerships and system that can autorun by itself. To reduce rsiks, we can build up join collaborations not to build big team which is not core to the business.

Exit Strategies:

When Aeflex hit revenue of 10million, investor can consider exit with negotiable terms in market valuation. We hope investors can stay with us for 3 years. Aeflex could go for public listing locally or overseas to raise capital for more R&D fund, build solid intenational team. Aeflex could also be generating strong profit to do its own M&A and it can stay private and issue bonus yearly to investors.


Hannry Chan (
Company Name: Aeflex Technologies
Postal Address : 354 Jelutong Road.Penang
State : Penag
Post Code : 11600
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0124079901
Website :
Mobile: 0124079901


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