Project Cost: RM100,000.00

Amount Invested : RM3,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Kenji Frameworks hopes to be pioneer of the new modern age glass and frame company which provides contemporary and new designs into the market. We are based off a 25 year running glass and frame business which was situated in Kuantan, and is now looking into opportunities to expand into the bigger market of Kuala Lumpur. With new direction and vision and the guidance and wisdom of the existing master craftsman, Kenji Frameworks hopes to shine a new light on the current market and industry of glass and frame making.

Product / Service Description:

The vision of Kenji’s Framework is to introduce new modern day styling into the age old mundane and dreary designs of yesteryear, which are still being sold in our markets to customers. We wish to be able to provide our services to those who are looking for something different and have an eye for aesthetics for their frames, display boxes and mirrors. This is especially true for the modern day business as there is a greater need for design and function to be integrated into the overall look and feel of premises. At Kenji Designs we like to experiment with new technologies to bring new products into the market and to assure our works are the envy of others. We also wish to fully utilize all marketing communication systems to make our presence known to all potential customers, be it by social marketing, internet, print, advertising and etc.

Business Opportunity:

Kenji Glass and Frameworks caters to business and consumers who are in need for framing services of their important documents, certs, paintings, portraits, prized collections and etc. We create glass such as mirrors, both wall mirrors, hanging mirrors and cater to business who need large mirrors installed in their premises (yoga studios, gyms, hotels and etc.) We also make display cases for prized collections, ceremonies, prize giving and anything related to that. The market might not seem that obvious, but there is a need, and supply of more artistically designed products is quite rare in Malaysia. As the growth of tourism and aesthetically themed businesses grow in the number, we foresee that the share our company may claim in this industry can be quite extensive.

Revenue Model:

Kenji Frame and Glassworks will make money via orders placed for customised services that we provide, both from consumers and business alike. This is the most direct form of income that the company makes, as orders will either come in from our sales executives as they find businesses or from walk in customers as the brose the showroom. The company also plans to participate in various art bazaars, special events, fairs and various other activities that help promote knowledge towards the brand.

Management Team:

The management team of Kenji Frame & Glassworks is a small one at the moment. It is a family business now, though based on how other bigger companies operate, we feel that it is best to keep the management team small and tight, as decisions made are quick and do not need to go through much bureaucracy which is honestly time wasting in this fast paced environment now

Current Status:

The company at the moment is in its set-up stages, where we are in need of investors to make it happen here in KL. Basically we have to all ground work covered, and all that needs to be done to proceed is to secure the financial part of the business and rent out a location for everything to start.

Funding Milestone:

Most of the funding will be used for the purchase of our equipment as well as the deposit and rental of the location for the first 6 months of the business. The funding also covers all costs including raw materials and working capital that is needed for the company to start its operations in Kuala Lumpur.

Business Valuation:

Depending on how much each investor will invest in our company, we are willing to negotiate a reasonable allocation of equity per investor, upon discussion in private.

Expected Return On Investment:

We expect to have ROI by the end of 1.5 year’s operating time. This is based on minimal sales calculation, though based on prior experience the company should be able to meet this in a shorter timeline.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Due to the smaller amount required as opposed to other businesses and the nature of the business which products do not have a time factor expiry, the investment risks are significantly lesser. Added to the fact that the selling of materials are a definite, there are plenty of mitigating factors and easy exit strategies that benefit the form of business should there be financial troubles.


Syed Johan (
Company Name: Kenji’s Frameworks
Postal Address : No.45 JALAN 1/128B
Post Code : 58200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60172547203
Mobile: 60172547203


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