Project Cost: RM50,000

Amount Invested : Rm15,000

Amount Required : Rm35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
consumer goods

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

Sin Wei is a 21 years old undergraduate student, who undertakes Finance bachelor with University of London, at Johor.

Product / Service Description:

My business is 6 months old. Selling fashion products such as branded watches, branded sunglasses at various online selling platform. Those platforms include, 11street, etc.

Business Opportunity:

I started my business with RM280. Sales were low at initial stage.
Insufficient Capital which lead to limit products to offers, higher cost and lower profit. Managed to boost sales every months.

Revenue Model:

We mark-up profit, on average, 80% on all products. Some product marked-up up to more than 200%.
By trying to keep our cost as low as possible, we keep more profits.

Management Team:

1x General manager, who manages almost everything.
1x Part time packaging worker.

My business is still small at the moment. I am planning to expand it steps by steps. Not to expand it aggressively.

Current Status: 6 Months Sales History

June’15- RM935.88
July’15- RM1077.30
Aug’15- RM2437.73
Sept’15- Rm9173.29
Oct’15- RM18644.52
Nov’15- RM23717.12
Up to 28/12/15- RM 30,112.76

Sales have been booming over the past 6 months. In need of working capital to increase quantity of current stock, product range and hiring of workers. Also, planning to create a excel spreadsheet stock management system as product range increases.

Funding Milestone:

1st Stage: Office and warehouse
2nd Stage: Employee-Part time basis
3rd Stage: First batch of stock purchasing.

Business Valuation:

I am willing to give up up to 40% of shares of my business to investor who believe in my proposal. Negotiation is possible. Further details can be discussed in meeting.

Expected Return On Investment:

I expect a 30-50% ROI in 1 year.
This is just a careful underestimate assumption.
The actual results could be higher.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Exit Strategies:

1. For shareholder, can sell the share ownership to the company back in 2 years according to current share value. In case the business not doing well, we can sell off the stocks + goodwill and the money will be distributed according to share.

2. Profit sharing can be bind with 2 years contract.


Hong Sin Wei

Company Name:n/a
Postal Address : 10, Jalan Bentara 4, Taman Iskandar
State : Johor Bahru, Johor
Post Code : 80050
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0197509624

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