Based on our observation and research, we identify there is a large segment of on-the-go office
workers who would prefer healthier drink alternatives to supplement their hectic routine. If
people are willing to spend over RM10 for a cup of premium branded juice/ smoothie to feel
good occasionally, we have no doubt that time is right to offer something premium in taste,
but not in price on a daily basis to hardworking office workers.

Our Opportunities

Through our assessment and interviews, offering premium quality juices & smoothies at RM4-7 range at corporate office buildings will offer substantial growth opportunities when there is also currently no player having tangible plan to target this segment. Our plan is also aided by the fact that with higher disposable income (projected earning per worker per month grows at 7.3% annually from 2009-2013), rising popularity of juices & smoothies and warm climate in our country will put us in a strong position to invigorate juice & smoothie consumption trend as a prominent

Our Distinctive Identity

We believe in uncompromising alignment to our core principles, mission and vision with our
first step. Our startup phase will uphold the following key characteristics in our operation and
strategy to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

Investor Profiles & Roles

We are looking for investors who are entrepreneurs with track record in running startups
beyond 2 years or investors with preference in mentoring and investing in young startups.
They should be aligned to our enterprise mission and longer term effort in creating a
successful enterprise that lasts rather than solely looking for short term profit. They should
have at least 5 years of solid management and leadership exposure, preferably with
substantial operation experience and network in the F&B supply chain. We will expect our
investors to have a genuine interest in forming partnership to nurture a great enterprise
beyond excellent profit return, proactively play advisory role in monthly business review, or
quarterly strategic & operation review.

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