Our mission is to support entrepreneurs access to capital and get funded via coaching, advisory and global investor networks

We work with entrepreneurs at every stage of growth from seed to pre-IPO.

Our clients are predominantly start-ups, SMEs, tech companies and large cap project owners.

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10 Insider Secrets to Raising Capital…Use These!

Should raising money in today’s economic climate be the equivalent of “pulling teeth?” NO! We know. We’ve been on both sides of the fence, as entrepreneurs raising money and as investors.

Need Funding? Here’s How to Catch an Investor’s Eye

Having sat on both sides of the desk as an investor over the past 20 years and as a capital seeker as well, I could tell you, there is some eye catchers that are going to pop out at you and really grab your attention versus those are the deals that are going in the […]

Top 6 Tips on Raising Angel Financing in 2022

Here are the 6 things companies need to do in this altered financing environment to survive and raise angel funding: