Atlas Venture


An early-stage venture fund based in Singapore. Atlas Ventures looks to invest in exceptional industry-defining tech and tech-enabled businesses operating within fast-growing and overlooked markets in Southeast Asia.

Funding Stage

We invest from late seed to series B.

Sector Focus

Privacy and security: As the world becomes increasingly digitized, cyberattacks are happening more frequently and at greater cost to companies and individuals.

Industry 4.0: Despite the advances in technology, there remain massive, traditional industries that have yet to be disrupted.

Ecommerce enablers: eCommerce increasingly takes up a larger % of total retail spend in emerging markets while the infrastructure layer remains overlooked.

Interactive media: Advertisers find it challenging to reach millennials and Gen Z through traditional media channels despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wellness: The global pandemic accelerated an already fast-moving upward trend of time and money spent on wellness. The Atlas Wellness Portfolio invests in physical, nutritional, and mental wellness companies globally.

Geographical Focus

Southeast Asia.

Investment Criteria

We identify fast-growing, massive markets which have not been transformed by technology, and back best-in-class founding teams building a 10x solution.


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