Bank Pembangunan Malaysia


Development Financial Institution (DFI) providing medium to long term financing to strategic sectors of the economy.

Financing Scheme

We offer extensive financing solutions covering all sectors as per highlighted in 12th Malaysia Plan Sectors specified in 12th Malaysia Plan.

  • Maritime & Logistic Scheme

  • Industry Digitalisation Transformation Scheme

  • Sustainable Development Financing Scheme

  • Tourism Infrastructure Scheme

Mode of Financing
  • Project Finance: Project finance is a mode of financing designed for long-term capital-intensive projects whereby the source of financing repayment is solely based on the cash flow generated from the project. The financing is normally extended to a Special Purpose Vehicle and has no or very limited recourse on the promoter.

  • Contract Finance: Contract finance is a short to medium term financing offered to contractors, who have been awarded contracts to construct and complete infrastructure projects under progress payment arrangement.

  • Deferred Payment Loan: Deferred payment loan is a medium-term financing offered to contractors, who have been awarded contracts to construct and complete infrastructure projects under deferred payment concept. The financing is designed to bridge the gap between the period of completion and the actual payment made by the government to the contractor.

  • Private Finance Initiative: Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is a scheme designed to support the government’s efforts to improve the quality of services of public facilities. The scheme provides financing for private sector investors in completing the PFI projects awarded by the government.

  • Structured Finance: Structured Finance is a medium to long-term financing offered to eligible customers in which the consideration would be based on the combination of the viability of the project to be undertaken as well as the financial strength of the promoter. The financing is to assist the customers in the construction of building and acquisition of assets.

Financing Amount

Determined based on the following categories:

  • Working capital requirements: up to RM100 million

  • Development of infrastructure: up to RM140 million

  • The above may vary subject to the Bank’s credit assessment


Eligibility Applicant

  • Partnership, Private Limited and Public Company

  • Registered and incorporated in Malaysia

  • Majority ownership of 51% by Malaysian

Eligibility Project

  • Projects of strategic importance, contributing to national development and supporting 12th Malaysia Plan.

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