Cathay Innovation


Cathay Innovation is a partnership affiliated to Cathay Capital, together unifying the investment landscape from private equity to venture capital by backing entrepreneurs and established companies across the world.

From making the right introductions to designing the best go-to-market and M&A strategies per region, the entire Cathay family supports our portfolio companies at every stage of their lifecycle.

Funding Stage

We back startups at the inflection point of growth, with revenues between $5M to $20M, that will benefit from guidance on refining the company, maximizing performance and creating long lasting value.

Sector Focus

Technology sector, Industry agnostic

Geographical Focus

We invest in startups at the center of the digital revolution across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Investment Criteria

Our initial check sizes range from $5M to $40M. We can lead or follow, and keep reserves for follow-on investments.

A startup’s contribution to sustainability is a critical component to our investment philosophy, taking into account various issues such as economic growth, social interests and safeguarding the planet.


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