Whether you are a young company or an established business looking to expand, CAPITAL can help you turn your vision into reality

get funded

THE FIRST STEP we need from you is a brief executive summary of your proposal and your funding requirements. We are not looking for a work of art, but enough information to give us a preliminary feel for the type of business, whether it is likely to be suitable for angel investors / corporate investor / venture capital / private equity / government financing scheme / grants / bank loans / IPO (initial public offering) or other alternative funding options.

Your Executive Summary should include:

1. A brief description of your business, products or services;

2. An overview of the market and opportunity;

3. Your business model, why it can generate superior, sustainable returns;

4. Background of key managers/founders and shareholder;

5. Current status of your business: including investment made to date; sales achieve to date etc;

6. Funding required – money you plan to raise and milestone/goals expected to achieve;

7. If equity financing, how much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount;

8. Expected rate of return to Investors (ROI or IRR);

9. Investment risks and mitigating measures;

10. Exit potential;

11. Conclusion – why should invest in you / your business.

REMEMBER: Business Angels usually decide against investing in a business for the following reasons:

  • No confidence in the business owner;
  • Limited growth prospects of the business;
  • Limited market for the products/services;
  • Proposed value of equity in the business is unrealistic;
  • Management’s lack of expertise or talent necessary for success;

By profiling your opportunity on CAPITAL you may potentially raise between $300K and $30Mil from various funding sources to finance growth instantly

Our private investors accept and understand the risks and rewards of investing in private companies. They want growth so are prepared to look at every stage of business and to add their skills and experience in making that growth happen. If your plan passes the acid test, you will not only have access to capital, but also to extremely valuable advice from industrious and committed investors who can add knowledge and experience, visionary thinking, personal goodwill and their powerful network to your business.

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