Khazanah Nasional


As a strategic investor, we strive to balance between growing financial returns and being a responsible organisation for future generations of Malaysians to benefit from what we do today.

In balancing our dual objective, we invest in two separate funds. Our Commercial Fund focuses on investing responsibly and commercially to preserve and grow the long-term value of our assets, while our Strategic Fund undertakes investments to deliver economic and societal returns for the nation and its people.

Funding Stage

Late-stage ventures.

Sector Focus

Communication Services, Consumer, Financials, Healthcare, Industrial Services, Transportation & Logistics, Real Estate, Renewable Energy.

Geographical Focus

We invest across all levels of the Malaysian economy – from listed Malaysian companies to emerging sectors, as well as internationally across markets, asset classes, sectors and geographies.

Investment Criteria

Dana Impak (our impact fund) is a RM6 billion commitment over five years to invest in catalytic sectors that will increase the nation’s competitiveness and build its resilience. Investments under Dana Impak are guided by six themes:

  • Digital Society and Technology Hub​

  • Food and Energy Security​

  • Decent Work and Social Mobility​

  • Quality Health and Education for all​

  • Building Climate Resilience​

  • Competing in Global Markets​


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