M Venture Partners


M Venture Partners (MVP), headquartered in Singapore, is an early stage institutional venture capital investor.

We invest in and partner with professionally-skilled founder-entrepreneurs of scalable, big-idea, disruptive start-ups in Southeast Asia, and selectively India.

We remain excited about the momentum, opportunities, and founders in these high growth economies that also have strong emerging venture ecosystems to support “built to last” and ESG compliant companies.

Funding Stage

Early stage companies.

Sector Focus

Industry agnostic.

Geographical Focus

We support entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia, and selectively India.

Investment Criteria

What we believe:

TALENT: The vision, grit and passion of a true entrepreneur combined with the analytics and problem-solving skills, discipline, ethics and teamwork required of a professional in a top-tier institution creates the right capability to rapidly execute a long-term viable business model with strong economic performance.

TECHNOLOGY: Technology is ubiquitous today, disruption is not. All businesses need to harness technology efficiently & effectively. The insight lies in the ability to visualize when, where, and how technology can engineer a distinctive and sustainable leader in a different future.

TRACTION: Success of an early stage start-up is largely measured by achieving successful future financing. Traction and trajectory are critical; a well-defined yet flexible roadmap with milestones and measurement are often ignored by many start-ups … as is knowing when and how to pivot in a timely manner. Vison without action is hallucination…



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