Patamar Capital


We are Southeast Asia’s leading impact venture capital firm. Since 2011, we have invested in early-stage technology companies to transform the lives of the emerging middle class. We work with our entrepreneurs to build sector-defining business models, drive economic impact, and generate top-tier financial returns.

As local citizens of the region, we have a deep understanding of the economic and social environment. We actively engage with founders to create impactful companies, championing them from idea to exit. We are our founders’ trusted thought partners throughout their growth journey by fueling ambition, weathering tough times and expanding across geographies.


Early-stage tech companies


Financial Services, SME Digitization, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and Affordable Housing.


We seek visionary founders building category-defining businesses, fueled by the opportunities embedded in South and Southeast Asia’s largest markets.

Our founders harness the power of technology to create enduring changes for both consumers in the emerging middle class and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) striving to thrive in rapidly digitizing economies.

We are committed to inclusive economic growth for hundreds of millions of people across the region.


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