Peak XV Partners


Over the last 17 years of our operations in the region, Peak XV has grown to manage over USD 9 billion in capital across 13 funds and invested in over 400 companies, of which ~40 companies have achieved revenues of over $100MM.

Our approach is to work side by side with founders to help them realise their ambitions. We distil what we’ve learned and offer it to founders from bespoke advice and support to our cohort and community-based programs such as Surge, Spark, Pathfinders, Pitstop, Build and Guild.

Funding Stage

All Stages. We partner with them as early as two people with a paper plan to as late as when they look to go public. We usually can stay invested all the way through the IPO and beyond.

Sector Focus

Technology sector, Industry agnostic.

Geographical Focus

India and Southeast Asia.

Investment Criteria

The reason we come to work is to back founders whose outlier ideas when successful can make a significant impact on the world. We want to enable such founders and improve their odds of being successful. It’s our way to serve the missions and causes that matter.

The founders we partner with generate returns, the majority of which go to our largely non-profit LP base and serve worthwhile causes like preserving our planet, education, fighting poverty and advancing the field of medicine.


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