Rakuten Capital


Rakuten Capital is the corporate venture capital arm of Rakuten Group, a global leader in internet services headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Launched in 2014, Rakuten Capital invests and operational support to its portfolio companies worldwide. Rakuten Capital has invested globally in more than 70 companies, including Careem, Carousell, GoTo, Lyft, Pinterest and Upstart.

Rakuten Ventures

Investing across the IT sector, Rakuten Ventures partners with early and growth-stage startups to build services that can have a lasting impact in an increasingly competitive digital age. Rakuten Ventures combines the objectivity and network of traditional venture funds with the unique access to Rakuten’s global businesses to help portfolio companies unlock the distribution and expertise necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Fund Size: US$ 200 Million (Global); JPY 10 Billion (Japan)

  • Sector: Information Technology

  • Stage: Early to Growth Stage

  • Geographic Coverage: Global

Rakuten FinTech Fund

Rakuten FinTech Fund invests in disruptive financial services startups across the world. The fund targets investments in innovative financial services businesses that offer attractive return potential. The FinTech Fund leverages Rakuten’s expertise in financial services, including card and payments services, banking, insurance, securities and asset management to help portfolio companies grow and expand into new markets.

  • Fund Size: US $100 Million

  • Sector: Payments, Lending, Asset Management, FX / Remittances, Insurance, Blockchain and other emerging technologies

  • Stage: Early to Mid Stage

  • Geographic Coverage: Global

Rakuten Global EC Fund

Rakuten Global EC Fund invests in e-commerce startups and merchants internationally. The aim of the fund is to create and grow e-commerce businesses together by leveraging data and resources of the Rakuten Ecosystem.

  • Sector: EC (Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Marketplace Operators, C2C platforms and more)

  • Stage: Early to Late Stage

  • Geographic Coverage: Global

Rakuten Mobility Investment

Rakuten Mobility Investment focus on disruptive ridesharing startups and mobility platforms across the world. The investment platform targets early to late stage investments in innovative companies that offer attractive return potential.

  • Sector: Mobility

  • Stage: Early to Late Stage

  • Geographic Coverage: Global

Rakuten Strategic Investment

Rakuten Strategic Investment focuses on transformative startups who potentially have game changing technology or products and demonstrate strategic synergies to Rakuten’s global ecosystem. Rakuten Capital commits to provide startups with strategic support to grow further and faster, which could also aid in expanding the Rakuten ecosystem.

  • Stage: Growth Stage

  • Geographic Coverage: Global



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