The SEA Capital


The SEA Capital is a trusted private equity firm that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The SEA Capital focuses on growth capital investments, primarily for small to midsize companies within the South East Asia region.

Funding Stage

Growth stage companies.

Sector Focus


Geographical Focus

Southeast Asia. We are familiar with the opportunities and risks of the Southeast Asia Market and the market knowledge create superior value and maximize support for our ventures.

Investment Criteria

People: We look for entrepreneurs who show talent and with characteristics such as integrity, ambition, and passion. These qualities are essential to success and must be demonstrated by personal history.

Idea: We tend to search for innovative business ideas with good commercial applicability. It must be demonstrated for its feasibility.

Intention: We look for entrepreneurs who are intent on solving People problems. It must be core in their business model and not a mere “positive externality”.


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