UOB Venture


UOB Venture Management Private Limited (UOB Venture) is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited ("UOB"), has been providing financing to privately-held companies in Southeast Asia and Greater China, through direct equity investment.

We support our investee companies helping them scale and achieve commercial success through board participation where we provide inputs on business plans and strategies, debt/equity raising, recruitment of professional management staff, share regulatory knowledge, best business practices, including those on corporate governance and brand equity, amongst others.

We further catalyze their growth through introduction of customers, suppliers, JV partners and other investee companies that may provide synergy through collaborative efforts.

  • ASEAN China Investment Funds

  • Asia Impact Investment Funds

  • Renminbi Funds

  • Global Investor Programme Funds

  • Special Mandate Funds

Funding Stage

The firm prefers to invest in growth-stage companies through buyouts.

Sector Focus

Happiness: Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Media, Retail / Lifestyle

Well-being: Education, Healthcare

Technolog: Digital Economy, Internet, Software, Telecom

Industry 4.0: Advanced manufacturing, Industrials

Green Technology / Supply Chain: Logistics & Transport, Renewable Energy, Water and waste treatment

Geographical Focus

United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Investment Criteria

We seek out companies that fall within our focus themes and evaluate them using risk-based approaches, not taking on deals that pose high risks in more than two areas:

  • Management risk

  • Regulatory risk

  • Financing risk

  • Barrier to Entry risk

  • Execution risk

  • Regulatory risk



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